Cool Wheatgrass Smoothie with Cucumber [Recipe] |

Cool Wheatgrass Smoothie with Cucumber [Recipe]

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Certainly, green smoothies are all the rage these days. There’s no doubt, smoothies are really refreshing. But we should also think about the right ingredients to make it healthy and delicious.

So, let me share with you this wheatgrass smoothie with cucumber recipe. Promise! It’s worth a try. Here’s a closer look at the health benefits of this smoothie.

The Surprising Benefits of Wheatgrass Smoothie

Drinking a shot of fresh wheatgrass juice is a quick way to get its nutrients. But serving this as a smoothie, blended with other veggies or fruits, is a more enjoyable treat.

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Being rich in vitamins, minerals, and active enzymes, wheatgrass is linked to a number of health benefits.

Wheatgrass juice contains calcium that supports bone strength, blood clotting, and heartbeat regulation. Its selenium content helps our body to make special proteins that prevent cell damage. It also protects our body from harmful substances.

Surprisingly, wheatgrass can help to fight mouth cancers. One study suggested that the extract from wheatgrass has an inhibitory effect on oral cancer cells.

A Veggie-packed Smoothie

Veggie-packed smoothie it is! I love to add celery, spinach, and parsley. These veggies offer a number of vitamins and minerals – such as vitamins A, C, K, and potassium.

Vitamin A supports skin and eye health, while potassium supports heart function and helps maintain muscle mass.

Meanwhile, vitamin K plays a role in increasing bone mineral density and preventing bone fracture. Vitamin C, on the other hand, supports iron metabolism and boosts our immunity.

Adding fruits to a smoothie will make it more satisfying. Why not add cucumber? Yes, cucumber is actually a fruit.

Cucumbers may help to keep diabetes under control. In one study, it is found that they are helpful in reducing blood sugar levels.

This is probably because cucumbers have cucurbitacin, which helps to regulate insulin release in our body.

Having read all the benefits, it’s time for you to try this wheatgrass smoothie with cucumber. Enjoy and slurp till the last drop.

Cool Wheatgrass Smoothie with Cucumber

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  • 3 stalks of celery

  • 2 medium-sized cucumbers

  • 5 large spinach leaves

  • 1/2 cup parsley

  • 2 oz of fresh wheatgrass juice

  • 1/4 cup water

  • 2-3 pcs of ice cubes


  • Add in the celery, cucumbers, spinach leaves and parsley into the blender.
  • Pour in the fresh wheatgrass juice and water.
  • Blend until all the ingredients are mixed evenly.
  • Add in the ice cubes.
  • Blend until smooth.
  • Pour into a drinking glass.
  • Enjoy!