Healthy Beet And Grapefruit Detox Smoothie [Recipe] |

Healthy Beet And Grapefruit Detox Smoothie [Recipe]

Difficulty Easy

Try Out This Amazing Beet And Grapefruit Smoothie For A Healthier Liver!

What your liver needs most and foremost, is a good daily dose of antioxidants. Munching on veggies and fruits might not be up your alley. If that’s the case, this beet and grapefruit detox smoothie is the thing you should try.

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A formula packed with vitamins and minerals, this smoothie is good for any moment of the day. Do you an entire day ahead? Get this smoothie for mornings filled with energy. In the mood for a mid-day snack? Try this drink instead. You can even drink it even before going to bed.

Regardless of what you want to achieve, this smoothie will make it happen. Should you be fond of the earthly aroma of beetroot, you’ll find it even better than others. Plus, adding the grapefruit makes it taste unbelievably good.

Make Your Liver Toxin-Free

We mentioned beet and grapefruit, but they’re not the only ingredients you can use. Pomegranates and ginger are also present in the recipe. Let’s break down the components and see how they can benefit your liver.

Beets are a bit of an amazing thing. According to studies, they can eliminate fat deposits. Yes, exactly the ones encumbering your liver. The good news is that you don’t have to eat beets. It’s much better to have them in a smoothie.

As long as your smoothie contains plenty of antioxidants, you’re good to go. But we know that your liver deserves better. So we recommend this amazing smoothie.

To flush out more toxins, it contains grapefruit. And that’s not the only fruit present. You can add some other tasty fruits. Pomegranate seeds, lime, or lemon, they all add taste and a good intake of antioxidants.

Don’t let your liver struggle with the free radicals on its own. Give it a boost with this excellent and tasty recipe.

If you would like to find out what liver detox smoothie ingredients should be on your grocery list. Check out this great article:

Beet And Grapefruit Detox Smoothie


Beet And Grapefruit Detox Smoothie

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Course: All DayCuisine: DetoxDifficulty: Easy


Prep time




  • 1/2 medium beet (root) (peeled and cut into quarters)

  • 1/2 ginger knob (peeled)

  • 1/2 pink grapefruit (peeled and cut into slices)

  • 1/4 pomegranate (seeds only)

  • 1 cup brewed, warm detox tea (suggestion: mix of horsetail and elder flower)

  • 1/2 tbsp freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice (OPTIONAL)


  • Add the quartered beet to the blender
  • Add the grapefruit slices
  • Add the ginger
  • Add the pomegranate seeds
  • Pour over the detox tea
  • Blend until nice and smooth
  • Pour into a serving glass and enjoy!

Recipe Notes

  • If you don’t have a high speed blender, I suggest that you either microwave or slightly steam the beets. This will make them soft so they will puree better.

    Instead of adding the optional lime or lemon juice, you could try adding some juice from a blood orange instead.