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Keto Smoothies

This Energizing Avocado Vanilla Smoothie Will Be Your New Favorite! [Recipe]

This avocado vanilla smoothie is a tasty blend that will give you the energy boost that you are looking for. The ingredients in this smoothie are all extra healthy and very easy to find. Bring on the avocados! If you are still wondering why to use avocados, look no further! The truth is, this fruit is a fantastic source of omega 3 and 6, as well as vitamins and minerals. If you want to maintain healthy skin, gut, and heart, eating avocados can be a great way to do it. Even if you are not […]

Keto Smoothies

This Beet and Avocado Smoothie Is The Perfect Pick-Me-Up! [Recipe]

This delicious beet and avocado smoothie is the perfect example of what a healthy drink should be. If beets are not your favorite, you are not alone. However, when mixed with the creamy texture of avocado, this smoothie balances out the sweet and savory flavors we all love! Why beets? While not the most popular vegetable out there, beets are very nutritious and low in calories. For one, they contain a high-fiber content, which makes them healthy for promoting digestion, lowering blood sugar levels, and helping you feel more satisfied. Beets are also a good […]