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5 Fantastic Sweet Recipes For Your Weight Loss Plan

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Discover How You Can Eat Dessert And Still Lose Weight

Your appetite is the biggest enemy when you want to lose weight. You know yourself as a disciplined person and you stick to your weight loss plan. Even more, you are ambitious.

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Yet, the moment you see a cake in the windows of a bakery, you feel your determination waning.

It happens to everyone. People crave sweets because this is how nature wired us. But, when you’re dieting, desserts are off the table.

Is that the truth? You may hurry to say ‘yes’. We all know sugar is bad. Fizzy drinks destroy your waistline.

And sweets, as a general rule, can sabotage the most successful diet.

We want to offer you an alternative that provides the best of both worlds.

These recipes focus on maintaining calorie content to a minimum. They are still sweet. So you will enjoy them.

They will put a stop to your rambunctious appetite. At the same time, they won’t ruin your weight loss efforts.

If these considerations check all the boxes, that means you’re ready to hear them.

Incorporate These 5 Recipes Into Your Weight Loss Plan

Recipe Tip #1: A different type of cheesecake

Many of the recipes we’ll show here are not new culinary inventions. They are usually a spin on well-loved recipes.

This dessert, for instance, is a low-calorie type of cheesecake.

The secret is in the ingredients you’ll use. Low-fat cream cheese is the basis of this recipe.

Use a bit of Greek yogurt, and a sweetener like stevia. For decoration, use a bit of jam. Pick the kind that has no sugar added.

You won’t believe how delicious this cheesecake is. You won’t feel cravings for something sweet for days.

Use this as your go-to reward once you hit a goal with your weight loss plan.

We bet you haven’t thought about having cheesecake while dieting!

Recipe Tip #2: A healthy milkshake made at home

Forget about the sugar loaded milkshake they sell everywhere. Those are nothing but calorie bombs ready to make your waistline blow.

Nonetheless, if you enjoy milkshakes, follow this recipe.

The best thing about making your own milkshakes is that you know what goes in them. There is no reason to worry about added sugar.

Plus, you can pick the best ingredients. Also, you can manipulate the flavor, as you see fit.

This recipe is for a chocolate milkshake. Use half a cup of skim milk and half a cup of Greek yogurt. Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract will make this recipe delicious.

For the chocolate part, use a scoop of protein powder, chocolate flavored.

Add a few ice cubes and half a teaspoon of Xanthan gum. You will be surprised how thick and cream the result is.

This way, you can make your own chocolate milkshakes. Also, you won’t have to deprive yourself, either.

Recipe Tip #3: Baked apples sprinkled with cinnamon

It is always a good idea to have plenty of fruits while dieting. But maybe you are in the mood for something else.

If that’s the case, here’s a recipe that will satisfy the home chef in you.

Choose a few apples. Sprinkle them with cinnamon and a bit of sweetener. Just like in the example provided earlier, choose the low-calorie variety.

Place them in a baking pot. Use some baking sheet to avoid making a mess.

Leave them in the oven until they become tender. The mix of cinnamon with the sweetness of the apples creates the perfect dessert.

You will love the taste, and you won’t crave something sweet. At least, you won’t experience cravings anytime soon.

Recipe Tip #4: Baked sweet potatoes

Another simple recipe you can try at home has sweet potatoes as the main ingredient.

Staving off your sweet tooth does not have to involve high-calorie ingredients. If you want to cheat your appetite, this recipe will help you.

Take one sweet potato, slice it in half, and place it on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with cinnamon. For extra taste, add a bit of brown sugar.

Use a few sweet potatoes, in case you want to share them with someone else.

The potatoes must stay in the oven until they become crisp. You will be amazed by the results. Who says you need to stay away from desserts?

Recipe Tip #5: Make your own protein crepes

Crepes may sound like the perfect example of what not to eat when you’re dieting. But we want to offer a recipe that’s not rich in calories. Any fan of crepes on a diet will love it.

Make the pancake batter from two egg whites and a scoop of protein powder. It is preferable to get the unflavored variety.

Spread the mixture on a pancake pot and cook as you would a pancake.

Use a bit of peanut butter to add taste. No one will suspect this is a low-calorie version of a crepe.

Furthermore, you will enjoy the incredible taste without threatening your waistline.

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