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5 Healthy Fat Options For A Weight Loss Diet

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Find Out What Healthy Fat Foods Can Help You Blast Extra Pounds

Fat foods make you gain weight. It is a fact, and no one contests it so you wouldn’t dream of including it in your weight loss diet!

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However, you should know that there are fat foods and fat foods.

Some are bad for your health. They make your cholesterol go through the roof.

But some are healthy fats. They help your heart. Healthy fats can fight chronic conditions. And finally, they can also prevent them. These are the fats you want in your diet.

On top of it all, they blast extra pounds. Of course, you need moderation. Also, you must calculate portion size, to avoid overeating.

But introducing healthy fats in your diet is always beneficial.

Here are some foods you should incorporate into your weight loss diet and eat at least once a week.

5 Foods You Should Include in Your Weight Loss Diet

Food #1 – Pecans in baked goods

Pecans are great as a snack. They are also great as an addition to your baked recipes. While they are nutrient-dense, like other nuts, pecans are incredibly healthy. They are rich in calcium, so good for your bones.

Potassium is another element in high supply in pecans. This one helps break down the carbs.

You will also get a healthy dose of vitamins, such as C, B, and E. If you follow an exercise regimen, you can benefit greatly from eating pecans.

Their content of vitamin E helps you build muscle mass. As you may well know, muscles burn more calories than fat tissue.

Abdominal obesity seems to be related to low levels of vitamin E in their diet.

So, having more of this vitamin, in natural form, is a guaranteed solution. Just spread a few pecans in your baked goods and enjoy these advantages.

Food #2 – Stir-fry with olive oil

Olive oil is well known for its health benefits. You may be aware of fried foods being bad for your health.

But, if you choose to stir-fry using olive oil, you get a pass for health like no other.

Make sure to combine olive oil with lean protein sources, like fish. Your dishes will have a delicious taste. Plus, you will manage to create meals that are low in calories.

There is another benefit that we must mention here. Olive oil helps you feel full. In other words, it combats hunger.

Once you don’t have to fight with the permanent sensation of hunger pangs, you’ll find it easier to lose weight.

Food #3 – Coconut oil in your protein shakes

Did you know that coconut oil is considered the most weight loss friendly oil on the planet?

It may be hard to believe, seeing how rich in fat it is. But there are some things about coconut oil you might not know.

Many of the fats in foods, even the healthy ones, are so-called long-chain fats. Those in coconut oil are medium chain fats.

What’s so different about them? You may ask. They are easier to metabolize. Also, the human body tends to use them, not store them.

Another thing you might not know about coconut oil is that it is thermogenic.

In other words, it stimulates the body to burn fuel to break it down and use it. This advantage means you’re losing weight.

As long as you mix it wisely with other foods, you’re getting a good deal.

That is why you should not overlook coconut oil for your protein shakes. It will make them more filling. Plus, it will deliver a high quantity of fatty acids to your body.

Food #4 – Drink coconut milk instead of cow milk

We mention coconut twice in our selection for essential reasons.

While coconut milk is nutrient-dense and rich in calories, it can help you shed off some pounds. How is that possible? We mentioned earlier a few characteristics of coconut oil.

These are present in coconut milk, too. Studies show that people who prefer coconut milk to cow milk lose weight faster.

Furthermore, they get plenty of healthy fats in their diet.

It is essential that you pay attention to your portions, though. As long as you keep the amount of coconut milk to a decent level, you’ll be okay.

Food #5 – Nut butters with fruits

You probably know very well how rich in fat nut butters are. But don’t say goodbye to them just yet.

Nobody says that you should eat them by the spoonful. What you should do is to include them wisely in your diet.

A combination that never fails is nut butters and fruits. The latter are rich in fiber, and they’re mostly water.

Add some peanut butter to slices of apple; you will love the taste. Plus, you will get all the benefits from both foods.

The healthy fats in nut butters help you lose weight. They contribute to a healthy heart. Furthermore, they can lower the bad cholesterol levels.

Just remember to use them moderately. In combination with fruits, they make the perfect snack.

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