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5 Healthy Options That Are Your Weight Loss Enemies

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Discover 5 Healthy Options That Don’t Let You Lose Weight

You might have heard it thousands of times. To lose weight, you need to eat healthily.

There’s plenty of advice about healthy foods. They pack a lot of nutrients. Plus, they’re good for your waistline. But is this really the truth every time? A basket of muffins by text area which says "Healthy Eating: 5 Healthy Options That Are Your Weight Loss Enemies" next to the HIB mark

You seem to eat healthily. Yet, you don’t lose one pound. Do you know why that happens?

First of all, these foods might not be as healthy as their sellers make them be. Also, healthy foods are not necessarily good for weight loss.

Regardless of how counter-intuitive this may sound, it is the truth. Take a look at all the healthy foods you have in your fridge and pantry.

Among them, some enemies of your weight loss efforts hide. You need to be able to identify them. And then, get rid of them. We are here to point your weight loss enemies out.

Do You Have Any Of These Weight Loss Enemies In Your Diet?

#1: The apparently harmless fruit juice

Fruit juice seems like the healthiest option anyone could get. Bases on real fruit, it packs all those good things.

But why don’t you seem to lose weight, while gobbling down fruit juice every day? Are you inadvertently drinking one of the weight loss enemies?

While manufacturers use real fruit to make it, fruit juice is not a good option for your waistline. It packs a lot of sugar.

Also, a lot of calories. Do you still recall how much you sweated at the gym last time? All the calories you burnt, they are now back. And that’s no happy news.

A better option than drinking fruit juice is to eat fruits instead. Fruits are rich in fiber. Also, they help you feel full.

Because they’re mostly water, they don’t have a lot of calories. So choose wisely. Throw away the bottles of fruit juice. And replace them with fresh fruits.

#2: The tasty yogurt with fruit flavors

Yogurt is part of any diet. There’s hardly a more ever-present food allowed for weight loss. But it’s easy to go wrong.

Stores keep a lot of fruit-flavored yogurt varieties. They seem like the perfect choice. So why aren’t they?

It’s simple. They contain a lot of sugar. The companies want to prolong shelf life for their products. So, they add sugar.

Because it is an excellent preservative, sugar is the logical choice. That may be for them. But not for you.

By eating yogurt with fruit added to the mix, you deny your body the weight loss you’re dreaming of.

Choose plain yogurt instead. Make some at home. It is the healthiest choice. Plus, you will know exactly what goes in each cup.

#3: The fluffy muffins

What could be a better idea for breakfast than a couple of muffins? They have the whole bran, and they’re a great source of fiber. Right?

It may all look good, but the truth is a different thing. Muffins are tasty because they pack plenty of sugar. All the recipes used by commercial sellers contain sugar.

And sugar, as you well know, is your weight loss enemy. Furthermore, you’re not aware you’re eating it.

You may think you’re making a healthy choice. While, actually, you’re doing the opposite.

No one says that you should live without muffins. The key to any successful diet is not to forget indulging yourself a little.

But here’s a proposition. Make your own muffins. Control the ingredients. This way, you will not have to worry about hidden sugar. Or its perils.

#4: The so-called fat-free crackers

The moment you read the words ‘fat-free’, your hand reaches for the labeled product. But think again.

Fat-free crackers are pretty common. Everywhere you look, stores sell them. However, should you fall for this marketing gimmick?

We say you shouldn’t. Crackers are still crackers. They are still abundant in carbs. As you well know, carbs are not suitable for a dieter. Just the same as fat is not good, either.

Even more, they lack nutritional value. They may seem to stave off hunger, but at what cost? We have the answer to that. At the cost of your waistline.

#5: The much desirable fat-free ice cream

If resisting the temptation of fat-free crackers seems easy, fat-free ice cream is the heavyweight category.

Everybody loves ice cream. It is one of the most difficult to give up foods for dieters. Therefore, the temptation is there.

And seeing that there’s a fat-free variety, you’d feel tempted to try it.

It’s like a loophole in the weight loss book of laws. But, sadly, it isn’t. Ice cream, fat-free or not, is still high in sugar. And in calories.

No matter how much you’d want to find a way around it, there’s none.

But we have a solution for all the ice cream lovers out there. Keep it as your reward food.

Once you hit a milestone, offer yourself a small cup of ice cream. That will keep you going.

Or you could try out our delicious smoothie recipe with bananas, strawberries and ice cream: XXXXX

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