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Fat Foods For Weight Loss? 5 That’ll Trim Your Waist

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Find What Fatty Foods Can Help You Keep On Your Diet Track

Fats sound like the perfect enemy. The moment you decide to lose weight, they are off the table. And that is true for most animal fats.

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But did you know that healthy fats can help you lose weight?

For instance, nuts and seeds are excellent sources of healthy fats. They protect your heart. Even more, they control sugar levels in your blood.

And even diet experts say that these fat foods should never be amiss from your menu.

So what’s the deal with these healthy fats? Can you have as much of them as you want? No, that would not be wise.

But, when consumed moderately, they can have a substantial effect on your diet.

Without further ado, let’s see some of the most powerful fat foods. If you manage to include them in your diet, you will find it easier to lose weight.

Even more, you will feel full quicker. Therefore, you won’t feel as hungry all the time as can often happen when on a diet.

5 Fat Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

Fat Food #1 – Avocado

Fruits don’t have fat content as a general rule. As usual, there’s an exception to confirm any such “rule”.

And avocado is such an exception. The creamy, butter-like consistency of the edible part is rich in healthy fats.

One great thing about avocado is that you can combine it with other ingredients.

Therefore, there are plenty of excellent recipes to try. For someone on a diet, it is a great thing to have avocado regularly.

Its content of fiber also helps with weight loss. By promoting proper digestion, avocado favors correct nutrient absorption.

Just like nuts and seeds, it will help you feel full. Furthermore, it will stop cravings.

Dieting on avocado can be helpful for trimming your waistline. At the same time, it will make you healthy.

Fat Food #2 – Salmon

Salmon is a good staple in any diet, whether it be for weight loss or weight management. Rich in omega fatty acids, it’s a recommended choice.

First of all, it contains protein. Even more, it contains lean protein. That means that you can eat it regularly, without fear of adding unhealthy fat.

Salmon has zero carbs. If you’ve been trying to lower the number of carbohydrates, this is a wise choice. You will get the essential omega fatty acids.

Plus, you will maintain your muscle mass. By including salmon dishes in your diet, you will increase your weight loss efforts.

Fat Food #3 – Sunflower seeds

This is an alternative for anyone who’s not crazy about peanut butter. These seeds are rich in all the good things.

They are an excellent source of vitamin E. Also, they contain essential fatty acids. Plus, they can help you stop hunger.

Use sunflower seeds in your dishes. Sprinkle them over your salad. Or use them as topping for baked goods. You can eat them raw.

Also, toasted, they have a great taste. Should you prefer to eat them as they are, that’s great, too.

Fat Food #4 – Chia seeds

Do you find it difficult to get enough fiber? Your diet should not lack this critical element. Fiber-rich meals promote healthy digestion.

Even more, they trigger the sensation of satiety. Therefore, chia seeds should be part of your diet.

Now that chia seeds got your attention, here’s a simple fact. Only two tablespoons of chia seeds have 10 grams of fiber. That amounts to 40% of your daily needs.

So, if you have trouble tolerating other sources of fiber, this is a solution.

Be aware of the number of calories, though. As with other healthy fats, you should know that portions are essential. Avoid getting too much fat and calories.

Even if they are healthy, chia seeds should not make most of your meals.

Fat Food #5 Coconut milk

Cow milk is rich in fat. Plus, not many grown-ups tolerate it well. However, milk is a good source of nutrients.

So you may not want it out of your diet. Here’s the healthy alternative: coconut milk.

Like coconut oil, it is rich in medium-chain triglycerides. These are readily available for the body to digest. From there, they turn into energy.

For this reason, they are as efficient as carbs.

The same advice applies. While coconut milk is healthy, you shouldn’t overuse it. Specific components in this milk act as appetite suppressants.

Therefore, you will feel full faster than when eating other foods. The healthy fats contribute to the overall nutritional value.

Studies show that coconut milk is effective in reducing belly fat. Also, it boosts metabolism, so you’ll feel more energetic.

That can help you exercise and keep healthy.


You should never eliminate fats entirely from your diet. However, bear in mind that only certain foods contain healthy fats.

Opt for those listed above. They are rich in many other nutrients. And, they even promote weight loss, to some degree.

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