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6 Amazing Methods For Boosting Metabolic Rate

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Lose Weight Fast By Increasing Your Metabolism

Metabolism is the name given to the process of turning what we eat into energy.

When our bodies are lazy to do so, we gain weight. We say that we have a slow metabolic rate. And we are right! But your metabolic rate is not something you cannot change.

You can do a lot of things to cause your metabolism to increase. We don’t want just to give you some pointers on doing that moderately.

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In fact, we want to supply you with methods that will boost your metabolic rate.

A higher metabolic rate means that you’re burning calories faster. And where do calories come from? From the foods you eat.

When the body finishes the calories from food, it will tap into its reserves. And these reserves are, as you already guessed, the fat deposits.

Boosting metabolism gives you the perfect tool for blasting fat. The best part is that there are numerous ways to do so.

Below, we are going to present a small list of the most efficient ways to boost metabolic rate.

6 Methods for Boosting Metabolic Rate

#1 – Spice your food with cayenne pepper

A well-known metabolism booster is cayenne pepper. Besides making food taste better, cayenne pepper has another important property.

It contains a substance called capsaicin. This compound has a pretty impressive effect on your metabolism.

It is capable of boosting your metabolic rate for a few hours after ingestion. How is this effect obtained?

Capsaicin has a thermic effect on the body. The processes of exchanging food into fuel become faster.

That means that including cayenne pepper in your daily diet can work wonders. Of course, you should still be careful about the foods you eat.

Also, you should avoid overeating. This metabolism booster can only help you get the best out of your weight loss efforts.

#2 – Drink plenty of green tea

It is not a coincidence that Asian people tend to be slimmer than others. One of the things they do is to drink green tea on a regular basis.

According to studies, green tea contributes to fat oxidation. It also increases the thermogenesis process in the body.

In layman’s terms, green tea can help you get rid of fat. It won’t replace a healthy diet, but it plays a role.

Even more important, green tea protects against certain cancers. Its high content in antioxidants is responsible for that effect.

As far as the metabolic rate is concerned, green tea can make it increase. Replace your regular coffee with green tea and reap the benefits.

#3 – Consume caffeine in moderation

Caffeine is an excellent metabolic rate booster. However, it has some downsides.

For instance, it acts as a stimulant on your nervous system. That means that drinking too much coffee will keep you awake. Even more, it can make your heart beat increase.

That is why you should show moderation. You can count on caffeine as a metabolism booster, but don’t rely on it only.

We showed you earlier that green tea can replace coffee. Green tea is healthier and has the same metabolism boosting effects. Some may even say that it is more efficient than caffeine.

#4 – Sleep well

If you want to lose weight, you should get your beauty sleep every night. Ideally, you should have the same sleep schedule every night.

Your metabolic rate can benefit from this healthy habit, too. Your body gets used to a specific daily program.

That also makes it more efficient. The metabolic rate knows when to kick into gear, based on your schedule.

A well-rested body also has an impact on how your metabolism works.

When you’re tired, your body thinks it must preserve its reserves.

In turn, your metabolic rate slows down. That is why people who don’t sleep enough tend to be more overweight than the rest.

#5 – Get more muscles involved in your exercises

Your body has specific demands for energy. If you exercise one group of muscles, the need is moderate. But try more complex tasks and notice the difference.

The more muscles you involve in your exercise regimen, the better.

The metabolic rate will have to adjust to distribute energy to all those muscle groups demanding it. That is why specific exercises are more useful for weight loss than others.

#6 – Don’t diet too restrictively

As we mentioned before, your body learns. If you sleep too little, it will conserve energy.

The same thing happens when you eat too little. Your metabolism doesn’t know you’re trying to lose weight. What it understands is that there’s a famine.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. But your metabolism cannot know that. That is why restrictive diets never work.

In fact, they cause your metabolism to become slow. Your body will become very efficient at using the energy offered.

Even worse, when you stop dieting, your body will continue to make reserves. Hence the yo-yo effect of fad diets.

Until your metabolism learns again that there’s no famine, it will take a while.

So why not try out one or more of these boosting metabolic rate tips for yourself and start on your weight loss journey!

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