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5 Weight Loss Enemies You Eat Daily

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Can You Tell Which Ones Sabotage Your Weight Loss Goals?

It is easy to get fooled into believing you’re eating healthy and that there are no weight loss enemies in your diet.

Actually, it is much easier than you think. Don’t worry; most people are in the same situation.

It happens because many foods seem to be the right choices. Furthermore, sellers advertise them as promoters of weight loss.

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Sadly, that’s not the case. Some foods you eat every day are your real enemies.

They sabotage your efforts to lose weight. And they’re ever-present. You know them as healthy foods. So they disguise well.

On the other hand, they pack sugar and calories way above the acceptable threshold. They seem harmless, but they aren’t.

Our advice is to get rid of them. And we will help you. How? By pointing them out.

Let’s see which foods don’t let you reach your weight loss goals.

5 Common Weight Loss Enemies

Enemy #1: Protein bars can make you fat

But they contain protein! What could be wrong? The thing is they contain more than just protein.

Manufacturers include a lot of sugar in their recipes. Actually, they’re not that much better than chocolate bars.

However, unlike chocolate, you don’t know to be wary of them. You think you’re getting a healthy fix.

Yet, you’re sabotaging yourself. Pounds keep accumulating, and you don’t know why.

It may be because of the protein bars you’re eating. Here’s an alternative to consider. Make your own at home.

There are plenty of recipes online to get inspiration from. The best thing about these recipes is that they don’t contain much sugar.

Even more, you control what ingredients you use. So you can make a weight loss friendly protein bar recipe.

Enemy #2: Frozen ready meals lack the right nutrients

You carefully read the label. It says how much calories each frozen ready meal has. So you should be safe, right?

Unfortunately, we have to advise against frozen meals. You may be able to tell how many calories you’re eating.

But you won’t feel full. And you won’t nourish yourself properly. Why? These meals lack fiber. Fiber is the main food component that fights hunger.

The lack of fresh ingredients is a problem, too. Besides not getting fiber, you don’t get vitamins and minerals, either.

That can make you feel hungry all the time. Or it may make you feel weak. So, in case you were planning to exercise, forget about it.

Frozen ready meals can’t be the basis of a good diet for weight loss.

What makes it worse, you may feel tempted to snack. And that can happen all the time.

Furthermore, the extra calories you eat will transform into extra pounds.

The solution is to cook more at home. Get a slow cooker. Or make a habit of buying groceries at least once a week.

The more fresh foods you eat, the better you will feel. Also, you’ll have the energy to exercise. And you’ll lose weight, too.

Enemy #3: Fruit smoothies are the bomb

And by that, we mean to say the ‘calorie bomb’. Although you can use only fresh fruit, they come packed with calories and sugar.

Did you know that a single smoothie can have the same number of calories as a meal?

That is why you don’t want any of them in your diet. But they are healthy! You may protest. We agree with you.

But we can’t overlook the amount of calories and sugar they have. All that goes into your system.

If you have fruit smoothies every day, that may be why you don’t lose weight. Or, worse, why you’re gaining weight.

We can’t be against smoothies. But we suggest that you add veggies in them. These don’t have the same amount of sugar.

Plus, they don’t add that many calories. Also, you keep all the health benefits.

You can learn more about healthy smoothies that won’t pile on the pounds here: Healthy Smoothie Tips and Diets

Enemy #4: Cereal bars give you sugar spikes

If your source of whole grains comes from cereal bars, that can be an issue. Cereal bars contain, indeed, whole grains.

So they should be good. Unfortunately, they also have sugar. And they pack no other nutrients.

Having cereal bars can cause sugar spikes in your blood. They might seem to give you the fix when you’re hungry.

But they’re also your enemy. Skip them altogether, and make your own at home.

Enemy #5: Peanut butter contains sugar

A good diet should contain a source of healthy fats. Is yours, peanut butter, perchance? That might be the problem.

Regular peanut butter you can buy from the store is sweet. The sweet taste comes from the added sugar.

Because sugar is a common preservative, manufacturers use it to prolong shelf life for products. That is why regular peanut butter is not such smart choice.

Search for unsweetened peanut butter. Or use a blender to make your own at home.


Eliminate the weight loss enemies from your diet. Try cooking more at home. Search the labels for sugar content. Being in control matters. And it’s the only way to lose weight!

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