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5 Hidden Calorie Bombs That Ruin Your Diet

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Is Your Diet Not Working? The Culprit Might Be On This List

Have you ever wondered why some people lose weight quickly while others struggle? If you belong to the latter category, don’t give up. Sometimes, all the little things we eat can sabotage our efforts. The chances are that’s what’s happening to you.

There are many places where calories hide. And they even do that in plain sight. Yet, as absorbed as we are with your daily lives, we fail to notice them.

This article will shed light on the matter. We will show you what foods can hide extra calories. Furthermore, we can tell you what to do to avoid becoming a victim of sabotage. Since it is unconsciously self-induced, you can correct it.

The 5 Hidden Calorie Bombs

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 Bomb #1: Fruit-flavored yogurt – not as healthy as you might think

Yogurt is a healthy food. Anyone can tell you that. But you may get bored with eating plain yogurt every single day. So you become interested in creating a bit of variation. How do you do that?

The most convenient answer is to get some fruit-flavored yogurt. Is still yogurt, right? The problem is that this variety is not by far as healthy as plain yogurt. It is rich in sugar. Furthermore, it adds more calorie to your diet.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up on trying something different. Get some frozen fruits and nuts. Add these to your plain yogurt. Do you notice the difference in taste?

That’s how you make your flavored yogurt at home. It doesn’t double the intake of calories. Plus, it doesn’t contain sugar, except for the natural fructose in the fruit bits. All in all, it’s a solution that won’t add inches to your waist.

Bomb #2: Your daily sandwich from the deli – just how many different sauces are there?

When you are on the go, what could be more convenient than a sandwich? It is the ideal way to get something quick to eat. But, it may also be the reason why you sabotage your diet without even knowing.

Sandwich bars and delis load their menus with cheese, butter, and sauces. As you can expect, many calories add no nutrients. Your sandwich might taste a little better. But it just turned into a calorie bomb.

You don’t want that. What you want is a quick meal that keeps you full and energetic. So here’s the solution. When you ask for a sandwich, opt for vegetables. Specifically, ask the server to skip any sauces.

The result will please you for sure. Plus, you won’t give up on anything, except calories. Your sandwich will still taste great. Even more, it will add nutrients if you opt for vegetables.

Bomb #3: Barbecue sauce has way too much sugar

There is a reason why barbecue sauces sold in stores have that intense taste you know well. They have a lot of sugar. There are many reasons why sauce makers add sugar to their recipes. It is a way to prolong shelf life for their products.

Furthermore, strong taste gets people to consume more. That’s a win-win situation for them. But it’s a lose-lose situation for you, as this is part of hidden calorie bombs. And that’s precisely what you don’t want.

If you’re in the mood for grilled steak, make your sauce at home. This way, you can skip all the added sugar. Furthermore, you will get read of all the preservatives and other chemicals in it.

You might even discover that you like your steak better with homemade sauce. After all, grilled steak is a healthy alternative to stir-fried meals.

Bomb #4: Veggie dips can compromise any healthy salad

You may also compromise your healthy salads by adding the wrong type of sauce. Veggie dips are everywhere. They seem such a convenient option. Only that this convenience comes with a price. And it is your waistline that’s paying for it.

These dips, like barbecue sauces, have too much sugar. They taste great, it’s true, but the cost is too high. No matter how healthy your salad, with a veggie dip rich in sugar, it becomes just a fat loaded food.

Instead of veggie dips from the store, make our own. Plain yogurt is a great salad dressing. So it’s fresh salsa that you can make at home.

Bomb #5: Protein bars should not be candy bars

People who exercise prefer protein bars. They are easy to eat and convenient. But make sure that you don’t pay for that convenience.

Just read the label on your protein bar. What does it say? If you notice a high number of calories, that’s a problem. Even more, there can be a lot of sugar in there.

Surprises aside, your protein bar might be as sweet as a candy bar. The thing is that you know to stay away from candy bars. But you don’t prepare to find sugar in your protein bar, too.

Make wise choices. Pick a protein bar that doesn’t contain sugar. As long as you run away from these hidden calorie bombs, you’ll be safe.

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