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5 Diet Mistakes You Might Not Have A Clue About

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Find Out Why You Still Gain Weight Even When On A Diet

Are you in the habit of counting calories? You may believe you are in a sweet spot. You think that you’re eating fewer calories than needed every day. So, if that’s true, how come you don’t lose any weight?

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The trouble may not be a slow metabolism. While there are cases when that’s what happens, it may not be for you. We propose a different approach. It is one that will shed some light on your diet choices.

A good diet is one rich in good quality foods. Also, your meals should be low in calories. Matching the amount of nutrients with a reduced number of calories may be challenging.

At the same time, it’s not impossible. But, unless you’re genuinely religious about every little thing that goes into your menu, hidden calories might hide in plain sight.

So here are some diet mistakes you might not be aware you do or eat. They are your hidden enemies. Therefore, they are the ones you must get rid of.

The 5 Diet Mistakes

Mistake #1: Your cup of coffee is way too sweet

Most people won’t write down in their food journals their morning cup of joe. How many calories can a cup of coffee have? Not many, if you have yours black.

However, if you add both cream and sugar, here’s your small calorie bomb. Do you know how many calories can be in a single cup of coffee? A simple estimate can lead you up to 100 calories.

Consider that you do this every morning. That’s 100 calories that you don’t even feel, and it never lacks in your diet. In case you don’t drink coffee, but tea, consider never adding sugar.

Besides adding calories, sugar can give you spikes and lows of energy throughout the day. That’s a sure way to sabotage your weight loss efforts. Have your coffee black, and your tea unsweetened.

Mistake #2: Is your salad high in calories?

If salad is always a good diet choice, how could it be part of these diet mistakes? Rich in fresh veggies, it is a bowl of healthy food you can eat anytime. But take a good look at your salad. Can you say, hand on heart, it is a low-calorie choice?

First of all, is there any dressing? More than a few drops of olive oil is excessive. Also, mayonnaise and other fat sauces are a complete no-no.

Let’s say that you already know all these. After all, you are trying to take your diet seriously. But now look at what you usually add to your salad. Seeds and nuts are healthy, but they pack a pretty punch, calorie-wise.

So they may be in too large quantities present in your salad. Cheese is another high-calorie choice. Not to mention, croutons and other add-ons, can turn the tide.

Mistake #3: Your pasta sauce might be your silent enemy

Usually, dietitians advise against pasta because it’s just carbs, pure and simple. But you might like them too much to give up on it completely. Now that could be a problem for your diet.

And we’re not talking about eating too many carbs. We’re talking about the usual sauces that come with your pasta. Cream sauces and those based on cheese are a common occurrence.

These pack so many calories that they would never allow you to lose weight. Hundreds of calories end up on your plate, just because of these sauces. If you want to eat pasta, go for a low-calorie sauce. Or, better yet, opt out entirely.

Mistake #4: Store-bought sauces for stir-fry recipes – the calorie bomb

Your stir-fry recipes are not a good pick for a diet. But, like before, you may feel in the mood for such a dish. Make sure that you place the stir-fried dishes on paper towels, to drain fat. Furthermore, pay attention to what sauces you use.

Getting a sauce from the shelf of a store is convenient. You don’t have to toil in the kitchen to make it. So, it is the zero headache solution you might want to opt for at the end of the day.

But these sauces have the terrible habit of being calorie bombs. They are so bad that you should cut them from your grocery list altogether. Have your stir-fried goodies as they are. Or make a healthy sauce at home.

Mistake #5: Your cereal bowls can feed an entire family

Yes, cereals are an excellent way to start the day. But how large is your cereal bowl? If you manage to stuff it with two or three servings instead of one, that’s an issue.

Your cereal serving should not be enough to feed an entire family. Use a measuring cup if you have doubts. Or buy different bowls. You will find it much easier to eat responsibly. And you will get rid of a hidden high-calorie enemy.

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