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12 Reasons Why You Should Have A Matcha Green Tea Smoothie

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Discover Why You Should Incorporate Matcha Green Tea Into Your Smoothies

Smoothies are great for your health. They provide nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals essential for a long life, free of illness. But have you ever had a Matcha green tea smoothie? It is like other smoothies, but about 100 times more potent.

How is that possible? You may ask. First, let’s see what Matcha is. Once you learn all the benefits, you will feel 100 times more motivated to make some Matcha green tea smoothies.

A Well-Kept Buddhist Secret

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Green tea provides amazing health benefits. You may not need anyone to tell you this for the umpteenth time. But Matcha green tea is everything that’s good in green tea multiplied.

Everything, from planting to harvesting and processing is different for Matcha. This unique plant grows in the shade, producing dark green leaves. Harvesters collect the leaves by hand; then they carefully dried them.

Furthermore, they make sure to remove all the stems and veins. The leaves dry in the sun, and then they are ground into a fine powder. This powder goes into the smoothies you may come to enjoy for their outstanding health benefits.

Buddhist monks used Matcha green tea to increase their power to meditate. The special tea powder helped them relax, yet remain sharp and focused. We will talk a bit later about all the advantages offered by smoothies made with this type of green tea powder.

So, let’s start. If you’re determined to make yourself healthier, a Matcha green tea smoothie will offer all the benefits. With a content of antioxidants 137 richer than regular green tea, this powder will tremendously improve your health.

Health Benefits of a Matcha Green Tea Smoothie

There is a major difference between Matcha and regular green tea you may like drinking. When you drink green tea, you’re just drinking the water in which you steep the leaves. With Matcha, things are completely different.

You ingest the powder obtained from the leaves. As a result, you get more of the benefits of the plant. That is the main reason why Matcha is superior to regular green tea in every way.

And, if you need more convincing, here are the most important reasons why you should have a Matcha green tea smoothie, at least once in a while.

Benefit #1 – The Power of Antioxidants

If you have ever had a smoothie, you know the most important stuff about them is the content of antioxidants. These substances are essential for a long, illness-free life. Their role is to fight the free radicals occurring from natural processes taking place inside the body.

A nutrition buzzword, antioxidants live up to expectations. What you should bear in mind is how you can get enough. This is where we need to talk a little about Matcha. The green powder is rich in ORAC units, about 137 richer than regular green tea.

ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity. While this may sound too scientific and vague, it is a good measuring method for antioxidants. You get a whopping amount of 1573 units of ORAC in one serving of Matcha.

Moreover, you get this high quantity of healthy antioxidants in a way that is easy to absorb by the body. If you struggle to get more antioxidants in your smoothies, consider Matcha green tea powder. It is easy to blend with other ingredients, and it is a stable source.

Besides being richer in free radical fighters than regular green tea, Matcha fares well in other comparisons, too. To get an idea, the same serving of blueberries would supply just 93 units of ORAC. And you may know well that these fruits are famous for their antioxidant content.

Benefit #2 – Reducing Oxidative Stress

What vitamins do you take for reducing the oxidative stress in the body? Vitamins C and E are your best allies. Therefore, many people choose the fruits they use for their smoothies from those packed with these particular substances.

You can obtain so much more with a Matcha green tea smoothie. The content of EGCG in Matcha is staggering. The unique catechins contained in the green powder are famous for slowing down the aging process of cells.

Even more, they protect the cells. That means that your entire body becomes younger. Also, it resists illness so much better. In case you’re looking for a rejuvenation option, consider having some smoothies made with Matcha.

Packed with EGCG, they will supply your body with everything it needs to help your cells thrive. Your entire body benefits from it. From head to toes, down to the smallest cell in your body, you create a healthy environment. This means that you will live a longer, happier life, without any disease.

Benefit #3 – Cancer Protection

So far, we talked about the excellent role of Match antioxidants in fighting disease, as a generality. Now it’s the right time to get down to details. That being said, we need to speak about the role of this green powder against cancer.

You can prevent certain types of cancer by having enough antioxidants in your system. But not any antioxidants will do. Even more, the quantity ingested may not be sufficient. For instance, Matcha green tea is efficient against bladder, colon, breast and prostate cancers.

The health of your digestive system is essential for a good, happy life. The pathways for eliminating waste must function well all the time. This is where Matcha can work wonders like no other ingredient you might have considered for your smoothies.

Scientists say that the important amounts of EGCG explain why Matcha is so useful for preventing cancer. As is the case with organic ingredients, the explanation may be more complicated. The bioavailability you offer, when you consume Matcha smoothies, may contribute, as well.

Benefit #4 – Fighting Infections

Disease comes in many shapes and forms. Viruses and bacteria favor their occurrence, and this is what we must fight. But, in this struggle, we need to have the right allies by our side. If you’re looking for a valuable companion to fight infections, Matcha green tea is ideal.

Besides being rich in cancer-fighting antioxidants, this powerful ingredient is a natural antibiotic. The powder obtained from ground dried leaves is effective against viruses and bacteria. The human body has its natural capacity to fight them.

However, this natural capacity may not always be enough. This is where antioxidants like EGCG come into play. They have the power to get rid of this disease carrying agents. Even more, they provide the body with the strength to fight them.

If you want to live a disease free life, you need to pay extra attention to infections. The less your body has to deal with infection and inflammation, the stronger it is against disease. For such a purpose, make sure to include a healthy Matcha green tee smoothie in your diet.

Benefit #5 – It Is Good for Your Heart

Your heart is essential for your good health. It is the central hub and the engine of your body. Without a good heart, you cannot hope for optimal health, either. That is why having enough promoters of cardiovascular health in your diet is important.

Matcha green tea is such a promoter of good heart health. When the blood is loaded with cholesterol, or blood pressure is too high, the heart suffers. Its healthy functioning is at the base of a strong body.

The EGCG in Matcha contribute to good cardiovascular health. The unique catechins found in it reduce harmful cholesterol levels. With your arteries free of cholesterol, your heart functions better. An important thing to bear in mind is that these catechins deal very well against LDL.

This is the so named bad cholesterol. The smaller the LDL levels are, the healthier your heart. By drinking a Matcha green tea smoothie as often as possible, you regulate the bad cholesterol. Your heart will be more than grateful for your care.

Benefit #6 – Get Rid of Anxiety

One essential compound in Matcha green tea is L-Theanine. It’s okay if you’ve never heard of it. But that also means that now it’s the time to learn about it. This particular amino acid is your best bet for fighting anxiety.

We mentioned earlier that Buddhist monks use Matcha green tea so they can focus on meditation. That means that the green powder has a positive impact on the cognitive process. Moreover, its active compounds relief stress, and relax your mind.

L-Theanine is present particularly in green tea leaves. You can find high quantities in Matcha, too. As with anything else used for comparing Matcha and regular green tea, you can get more of it by choosing the first.

Bear in mind that L-Theanine will not make your feel sleepy. It is as much an energy booster, as is an aid for relaxation. For better mental focus, drink Matcha green tea smoothies. The creamy texture will keep you satisfied, and you’ll start noticing effects soon.

You can treat anxiety by including more Matcha in your diet. Just like Buddhist monks, you will experience a clarity of thinking that will help you get rid of stress.

Benefit #7 – An Ally Against Chronic Fatigue

Many smoothies you can make with the support of Matcha are great energy boosters. The usual trepidation and fast pace of the world we live in make us tired. Before reaching for that energy drink packed with sugar and whatnot, consider this.

Matcha green tea is a natural fighter against chronic fatigue. It contains caffeine, but that should not have you worry. First of all, it contains less caffeine than the same quantity of coffee. Furthermore, the caffeine present in Matcha is not the same.

It is healthier to drink Matcha green tea than coffee. Still, you will get the energy boost you are after. The caffeine in Matcha is called theophylline. Its primary role is to make you feel energetic, without the depression that usually follows when the effects of coffee wear off.

Theophylline helps with regulating the function of adrenal glands. Hormonal balance is essential for a happy life. Plus, your body does not get tired trying to reach this balance. This could very well be a cause of chronic fatigue. Have enough Matcha green tea and remedy this problem.

Benefit #8 – Detox

You might have already heard about how great drinking smoothies is for detoxifying your body. But what about Matcha? Cleansing your body with smoothies helps to promote good health. Now let’s see how Matcha green tea can assist in this respect.

All kinds of toxins accumulate in the body every day. Matcha green tea leaves are rich in chlorophyll. This compound gives the leaves their clear dark green color. It is also the number one detox agent to include in your diet. Are you wondering what chlorophyll can do for you?

Studies show that it is effective against heavy metals and other chemicals. These gather inside the body as toxins. What you need to do is get rid of them. Moreover, you need to do so in a natural manner. The last thing your body needs is to go through a shock.

Matcha is richer in chlorophyll than regular green tea. You may easily tell by the dark green color of the leaves. As a result, having more Matcha helps the detox process. Plus, you will enjoy better health, thanks to the high content of catechins.

Benefit #9 – Weight Loss Made Easy

Many people use green tea for weight loss, and they have done so for a long time. They either drink tea made from the leaves or swallow pills made with green tea powder. By extension, Matcha is a great promoter for weight loss, too. But let’s get a bit deeper into the topic, to see how that happens.

Some nutritionists swear by the incredible capacity of Matcha to burn fat. If you have ever tried to lose weight, you may well know how stubborn fat deposits can be. So it is a good thing to have such a reliable ally by your side. The fat burning process links to the catechin content in Matcha green tea.

The more catechins your smoothies have, the better they are at promoting weight loss. Other teas cannot even come close to what Matcha can do. Consequently, you should have more of it every day. Also, there is another significant advantage of Matcha over other teas.

It manages to cut down your appetite. The EGCG stave off the craving for food you experience when following a diet. That brings us to the second benefit for weight loss Matcha has. Bear in mind that the powder is almost entirely calorie free. Add more of it to your diet and enjoy the results.

Plus, you will not have to worry about side effects, either. With other weight loss methods, that may be a problem. But it does not happen if you count on Matcha and its amazing benefits.

Benefit #10 – A Reliable Metabolism Booster

Matcha is a fantastic ally if you’re looking for a natural metabolism booster. While this works towards the goal of weight loss, it offers other benefits, too. A body with a higher metabolism rate is healthier. That means that you will be able to consume calories, even when resting.

Yes, your metabolism works even when you sleep. Getting enough Matcha in your daily diet can help you increase your metabolic rate. The process of transforming calories into fuel to be used by the body is called thermogenesis.

It occurs as a natural process of oxidizing fat happens. The catechins present in Matcha stimulate this process. Some studies even show that someone with a lower metabolic rate can even double it or more. However, you need to keep in mind that your body needs a steady supply of catechins.

By inducing thermogenesis, Matcha green tea is a substantial help in promoting a faster metabolism. The higher metabolic rate maintains its levels even if you’re not exercising. However, if you do exercise, consider a Matcha green tea smoothie as your drink of choice before a workout.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed, in one of the published studies, what Matcha can do for your metabolism. The numbers are clear. From a metabolic rate of 8-10%, you can raise it to 35-43%.

Benefit #11 – A Natural Mood Enhancer

A tasty Matcha green tea smoothie can put you in a good mood. It is not only its advocates who swear by it. Scientists show that the content of L-Theanine is the one to work wonders for your mood.

Drinking tea is a relaxing habit. There’s nothing more serene than enjoying a cup of tea while looking out the window. You can let all your worries aside, and enjoy the moment, the taste, the quiet. But not all teas are equal.

Here is where Matcha is, once more, the mood enhancer you should get into your diet. The content of the amino acid called L-Theanine contributes to this effect. Not only people with anxiety but others who worry too much and feel overwhelmed can benefit from such an advantage.

Neurotransmitters in the brain are responsible for how we feel. If you want to fight against bad moods consistently, consider making a Matcha green tea smoothie. We will offer a few great recipes below, so stick with us for a little bit longer. People drinking such smoothies say that they feel both calm and alert.

Benefit #12 – Controlling Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is ever present in developed countries. It makes victims every year, and it’s hard to prevent. You may already know about paying attention to what you eat, and your lifestyle. But you can be more proactive by getting some powerful allies by your side.

One such ally can be Matcha green tea. People with diabetes could use the help, for certain. The high content of antioxidants contributes to the decrease in triglyceride levels. Along with those, the powerful catechins lower cholesterol.

Another thing they do is to regulate hepatic glucose. The three effects combine for assuring better health for people suffering from diabetes. When consumed regularly, Matcha green tea can reduce the damage that happens to the kidneys and the liver.

Matcha green tea smoothie ideas

Now that you know more about the power of Matcha green tea let’s see some easy ways to get it in your smoothies.

Matcha green tea peach and almond milk smoothie – this is such an easy to implement idea. You will balance the creamy texture of Matcha with the tangy taste of peaches. Even more, you can add some roasted nuts and the milk of your choice. It is preferable to keep this a vegan recipe, so almond milk is the ideal choice.

Matcha green tea smoothie with a taste of vanilla – make this one a comfort smoothie. The first idea is a blend of energizing effects. Now, for something sweet, mix Matcha with vanilla extract, and some agave nectar. Add coconut milk, and you’ll have a smoothie that will make you feel good.

A smoothie packed with protein – give your body what it needs. One of the best qualities of Matcha green tea is that it works with almost anything. Throw in the blender some sliced banana, Matcha green tea, and half a scoop of protein powder. A bit of coconut water will make the smoothie easier to digest.

Vanilla smoothie for simple days – you will be able to combine the ingredients you like best. Some vanilla extract will blend with the Matcha taste. Use almond milk as a base, and throw in some banana slices.

The greenest Matcha green tea smoothie – green means health, and that is what you get when filling your belly with this recipe. It is a mix of banana, Matcha, and spinach. That means that you will get a beautiful green color. Plus, you will get a ton of health benefits like this.


Matcha green tea is a fantastic ingredient to add to your smoothies. By using the simple recipes mentioned above, you will successfully improve your health. Also, these are great ways to incorporate Matcha green tea in your life. Have a healthy smoothie and enjoy all the benefits you can get this way.