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4 Steps To Freezing Healthy Smoothies The Right Way

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How To Freeze Healthy Smoothies For Better Living

What better way to start the day than with a healthy smoothie? It is easy to answer this question. However, how much time do you have each morning to prepare such tasty treats? If your answer is ‘none’, maybe you should consider freezing healthy smoothies in advance.

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A step-by-step guide to help you out

You will be able to enjoy all the health benefits of smoothies if you plan well. First things first, gather all the ingredients you need for a week worth of smoothies. Do you prefer greens? Would you preferably have a red smoothie?

It doesn’t matter. What matters is to have these tasty smoothies ready each morning. Only this way you can start the day on the right foot. Furthermore, you should know that natural health comes with being consistent.

And having a healthy smoothie every day is all about being consistent. Are you ready to move on to the first step to freezing healthy smoothies?

Step 1 – Suitable containers for freezing healthy smoothies

You should consider investing in some non-shoulders jars. These are the kind that does not have that curve towards the mouth. You see, when you freeze liquids, like smoothies, they expand. That means that they could crack the glass, so what do you do? Move on to the next step …

Step 2 – Filling the containers with healthy smoothies

You must make sure never to fill the jars to the brim. Leave a few inches up to the lid to allow the liquid to expand. No cracked jars will make you happy.

Step 3 – Freezing the containers with healthy smoothies

With all the jars filled, head to the freezer and place them neatly inside. If you are really productive and make container after container, make sure to put the date of freezing on the container. Personally, I like to use a masking tape (for painting) as it is easy to remove from the jar/container after use.

Step 4 – Consuming your healthy smoothies

Most probably now you’re thinking: How are you going to enjoy your smoothie if it’s frozen?

The solution is simple. Just before you go to bed at nighttime, get one jar and place it on a shelf in your fridge. This will allow the liquid to defrost slowly, and still not lose its consistency or spoil. Just make sure to use the smoothies in date order (i.e. the oldest one first).

The next morning, your healthy smoothie will be ready for serving. The only other thing you need is a reusable straw.

What about losing health benefits?

This is a significant concern. You may hear it all the time. Freezing your veggies, your fruits, or your smoothies, sacrifices some of the nutrients. However, this should not put you off. While it inevitably happens, the loss of health benefits is minimal, at best.

Consider the two possibilities. On the one hand, you could have healthy smoothies every day. On the other, you will have healthy smoothies, with 100% nutrients, but only once in a while. What should be the winning solution?

Will the smoothies separate as they defrost?

That will not happen if the defrost time is only 8 hours. That is why you should defrost them overnight.

Now, with all your concerns addressed, it is time to enjoy some healthy smoothies!

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