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8 Tips for Losing Weight with Healthy Smoothies

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Discover 8 Tips For Losing Weight With Healthy Smoothies You Can Make At Home

Every nutritionist on the planet can tell you that smoothies are right for you. They are nutritious, they are healthy, and they don’t have preservatives.

However, if you want to lose weight, smoothies may not sound like such a great idea. Unless, of course, you take the following 8 tips for losing weight with healthy smoothies into account.

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Tips #1 – Keep the fruit in your smoothies to a minimum

Why are smoothies deemed unfit for losing weight? Mainly, that happens because they contain fruits. These ingredients are rich in sugar. They are tasty, for sure, but at what cost? You do need the energy they can deliver, but you don’t need all that sugar. Therefore, reduce the content of fruit in your smoothies.

Tips #2 – Load on fiber

Are you concerned that your smoothies won’t stave hunger? Make sure you get plenty of fiber. Let’s see a few excellent sources of fiber in your smoothies. Blend fruits with their whole skin are great. So are greens, like kale and spinach. This way, a full belly will be a belly that won’t put on weight.

Tips #3 – Protein is your friend

Another way to feel full while having smoothies is to include enough protein in each glass. Your aim should be 10 grams of protein per serving. You can get it from nut butter, or Greek yogurt. As long as protein comes from healthy sources, you have nothing to worry about.

Tips #4 – Frozen, not canned

Fresh fruits are not always readily available. Plus, they can spoil fast. To avoid such nuisances, get frozen fruits and fill the freezer with them. Canned fruits are never a good option. They pack a lot of added sugar. Also, they may contain unhealthy preservatives.

Tips #5 – Go for naturally sweet

The temptation is strong. You want to add a bit of honey or maple syrup. But this is how healthy smoothies become calorie bombs. Stay clear of sweeteners and aim for smoothies that are sweet enough because of the fruit content.

Tips #6 – Opt for unsweetened milk

Vegan milk can have sugar added to it. That is why you should read the label carefully. If sugar is an ingredient, make it go back to the shelf. You don’t need the extra calories.

Tips #7 – Know your smoothies

You should always opt for making your own smoothies. It is the only way to control what goes in each of them. Juice shops can add sugar, without you knowing it.

Tips #8 – Always read the label

Don’t go for prepackaged smoothies from the store without knowing what you are getting yourself into. Read the labels and eliminate those that come with ingredients you don’t need.

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