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7 Tips For An Awesome Healthy Smoothie

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Ensure That You Make A Healthy Smoothie Every Time

How do you know if what you’re having is a healthy smoothie? You may say that the ingredients are the purest they can be. Or you may say that you never add sugar.

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However, that still might not make a healthy smoothie. Furthermore, some smoothies might even make you fat.

That is why we want to offer you a few guidelines to follow for a really healthy smoothie.

7 Great Tips for Making a Healthy Smoothie

#1: Add plenty of ice

One thing you should know about smoothies is that they have a lot of nutrients. However, they can also have a lot of calories. Don’t worry; there is a way to combat that.

Add ice to your smoothies! This simple tip doesn’t add calories. Also, your smoothie gets denser, and thus, helps you feel full.

#2: Choose non-fat dairy for your smoothies

Do you know one reason why commercially sold smoothies are so bad? They have a lot of dairy fat added to the mix.

Skip the ice cream and the fat yogurt. Instead, use non-fat dairy. You will cut the amount of calorie without a problem.

#3: Use chunks of fruits

You need the fiber whole fruits can give you. Don’t fall in the trap of believing your smoothie should be nothing but blended fruit juice. You need more than that.

Furthermore, chunks of fruits will help you feel full. Plus, you won’t feel hungry after just two hours.

#4: Get spinach and kale in the mix

Some people stay away from green smoothies and believe they taste bad. Nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, spinach and kale, when blended, have quite a neutral taste.

Should we add that they come packed with nutrients and antioxidants? Even if your smoothie is green, it doesn’t mean it tastes terrible. You should try one.

#5: Flaxseeds turn your smoothie into a health bomb

Besides fiber that can be taken from fruit pieces, you also need omega-3 fatty acids. Your smoothie can become a genuine health bomb if you throw a teaspoon of flaxseeds in the mix.

They get those healthy fatty acids you need so much. Plus, they have fiber, too. That means that you catch two birds with one stone.

#6: Unsaturated fats should be on the list

Fats are not all created the same. Unsaturated fats are great for you. They make you feel full, so no more hunger pains.

Treat your smoothie with half an avocado to get all that awesome unsaturated fat. Or add a tiny bit of nut butter.

#7: Sweeten it a little

Some people say they can’t stand smoothies because they don’t taste good. Make yours the exception! Add a bit of honey.

Or, better yet, include some coconut milk or coconut milk on the list of ingredients.

Alternatively, you could add some vanilla extract, some unsweetened coca powder or cinnamon. Guaranteed, you will love the taste!

A Final Tip

So, are you ready to start making your first healthy smoothie at home?

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