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5 Reasons Why Your Smoothie Makes You Gain Weight

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Did You Know A Smoothie Makes You Gain Weight?

You’ve done everything. You’ve selected the purest ingredients. There’s not an ounce of non-veggie, non-fruit ingredients in your smoothie. Yet, without your knowing, your favorite smoothie makes you gain weight.

But, wait, how? You might ask or even yell in frustration. The truth is some smoothies are not as useful for weight loss as you think. Actually, all smoothies can go wrong and not help you shed extra pounds.

We will tell you right away how that is possible.

Here are 5 reasons why even the healthiest smoothie can make you gain weight!

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Reason #1 – Your smoothie comes in a big tall glass

A smoothie can be the result of squeezing about one pound or more of produce.

Therefore, you get everything in a concentrated form. With that, we mean sugar, carbs, and other nutrients.

Don’t fool yourself that you’re doing more for weight loss by having extra-large smoothies. The more you drink, the more calories you get. Consequently, you end up gaining weight.

Reason #2 – Your smoothie packs too many calories

Yes, you’re using only the healthiest ingredients available. Still, that doesn’t mean they don’t contain calories.

Actually, you’re packing each smoothie with plenty of them. You can get up to 600 calories in a single smoothie!

That is the equivalent of almost two hamburgers! Seeing that you want to live healthily, you need to pay attention to what goes into your smoothie.

Reason #3 – Your smoothie packs too much sugar

Let’s say you don’t make your own smoothies at home. You count on the varieties served by eateries, like Starbucks and the like.

Just take a look at how much sugar these smoothies contain. Some even have 60 grams of sugar per portion!

Trust your taste buds. If your smoothie tastes too sweet, that’s a sign of way too much sugar.

Your best bet is to make your own. Also, be careful with the fruits and ingredients that pack too much of the sweet ingredient.

Reason #4 – You’re gulping down your smoothie too fast

Your body never lies. When you have your smoothie too quickly, there will be no time for your body and brain to react.

You’ll get a sugar spike from the smoothie. But, hours later, you’ll feel hungry. That will make you munch on extra food to compensate.

Take your time. Have your smoothie with a spoon. Add small chunks of fruits and veggies to the mix, to have something to chew. That will help you feel full.

Reason #5 – You don’t have your smoothie at the right time of the day

Due to the amount of sugar in any smoothie, you need to pay attention when you have yours.

When you’re active, that’s when your body is ready to absorb all that sugar.

Have your smoothie after a workout. That will help you take advantage of the nutrients in it, and also burn the calories provided.

In Conclusion

So, if you think that your smoothie makes you gain weight, why not try making your own healthy smoothie using our extensive smoothie making guide: Healthy Smoothies: How To Make The Healthiest Smoothies?