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5 Healthy Smoothie Making Tips

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Enhance Your Daily Diet With These Healthy Smoothie Making Tips

Have you ever tasted a homemade smoothie? If not, you should try. Even if those they sell in fast food places taste good, it’s only because of the added sugar and fat.

Are you worried you can’t make good smoothies at home? The following healthy smoothie making tips will solve your problem.

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Tip #1 – Don’t use fruit juice; use water or nut milk

One problem with smoothies is that they can make you ingest more calories than you should.

Even if you don’t add sugar, that still happens. Do you know why? It occurs because the liquid used is fruit juice.

Even if delicious, fruit juice packs a lot of sugar. Change it! Instead of fruit juice, use water.

Or, if that is not too palatable, use one part water and one part coconut milk. Coconut water is also a solution.

Tip #2 – Use fresh fruits when in season

Some people might get bored with their smoothies. That happens because they always use the same ingredients.

But you don’t have to fall into this trap. Use seasonal fruits for added taste.

Even more, fresh fruits add fiber to your smoothies. That means that you will feel full and hunger will not annoy you.

Tip #3 – Don’t be afraid of spinach and kale

Notoriously low in calories, spinach and kale make great additions to your smoothies. Furthermore, their taste is neutral.

So there’s no reason to be afraid of green smoothies. You will have a healthy drink, and you’ll also get an extra dose of antioxidants.

Experiment with combinations of fruits and veggies. This way, green smoothies will taste good.

Plus, you will benefit from all their health advantages.

Tip #4 – Sweeten your smoothies the natural way

If there is one thing smoothies sold commercially get wrong is the sugar used. It is too much, and it is unhealthy.

When you make your smoothies at home, you practically have the chance to choose the ingredients.

Therefore, you can pick what to use to make them sweet and tasty. Again, don’t use fruit juice. Simply put, it is too sweet.

What you can do is to choose another natural sweetener. Coconut water is an excellent choice. A bit of honey is just as good.

Tip #5 – Get protein and good fats into the mix

Your smoothies can count as a whole meal. That means that you need to combine different ingredients for a balanced diet.

Nut butters offer an excellent source of protein. As you may know, protein should never be amiss in your diet.

Healthy fats come from seeds, like flaxseeds.  Also, they come from avocado and other sources of unsaturated fat.

With them in the mix, your smoothies will be filling and healthy.

A Final Tip

Are thinking that your want to start making your own smoothies?

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