Top 10 Low-Carb Fruits for a More Nutritious Diet |

Top 10 Low-Carb Fruits for a More Nutritious Diet

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Grab These Yummy and Healthy Fruits for a Happier You

Fruits are always beneficial as they offer large amounts of vitamins in a natural way. Here is a list of the top 10 low-carb fruits for a nutritious diet.

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The Top 10 Low-Carb Fruits

Fruit #1: Apples

It’s very true that an apple a day can indeed keep the doctor away. Apples can help reduce your cholesterol as it’s high in antioxidants. They also help cleanse your digestive system and strengthens the immune system.
11.8g carbs per 100g

Fruit #2: Avocados

Some say that avocados are the complete nutritional package. They’re a very good source of lecithin, a substance that helps digest and metabolize fats. Furthermore, they’re perfect for blocking 30 different carcinogens as they contain glutathione. Their vitamin E content is also amazing for maintaining healthy skin and healing wounds.
1.9 g carbs per 100 g

Fruit #3: Berries

Berries are definitely worthy to be on this top 10 list as they are a valuable source of low-card fruits. All types of berries are very beneficial to our bloodstream. Overall, berries do wonders for our general health and each kind of berry can even offer specific benefits.
5-6 g carbs per 100g

Fruit #4: Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are well-known for their high vitamin C nutrient, which is great for fighting cancer cells. Amongst their nutrient contents are also antiviral and antibacterial properties. This is what makes citrus fruits great in preventing cancerous diseases.
Oranges 8 g carbs per 100 g; grapefruit 6.5 g per 100 g; lemons and limes 2.5 g per 100 g

Fruit #5: Cranberries

Cranberries are very sour in taste. But, they are the perfect fruit to prevent any urinary infection due to their mannose content, which is considered to be more effective than antibiotics. They’re also good to have to avoid those nasty kidney stones.
3.5 g carbs per 100 g

Fruit #6: Kiwi fruits

Just like with citrus fruits, kiwi fruits are filled with vitamin C as well as fiber nutrients. It’s a fruit that’s very popular in Chinese medicine, thanks to their beneficial effects on the stomach and the heart. In addition, they also have positive effects on women with breast cancer.
10 g carbs per 100 g

Fruit #7: Melons

Melons are another fantastic and worthy low-carb fruits. Most types of melons are a natural diuretic, so they’re perfect for cleansing or detoxing. You’ll find that they also have very high water content, so they can be used in rehydrating conditions.
5 – 7 g carbs per 100 g

Fruit #8: Papaya

Papaya is a good add-on fruit. It contains an enzyme called papain, which helps break down the proteins in our body. It also contributes in the fight against cancer as it can replenish your body’s vitamin C.
8 g carbs per 100 g

Fruit #9: Pineapples

Although pineapples are high in carbohydrates, having them in moderation can do more good than harm. They’re known to help dissolve any blood clots in the body and also assist in the digestion of protein.
10 g carbs per 100 g

Fruit # 10: Tomatoes

To the surprise of many, tomatoes are a fruit and a great one too. They’re very versatile in their benefits, such as lowering the risk of cancer and heart diseases because of the lycopene they contain.
3.5 carbs per 100 g

These top 10 low-carb fruits for a nutritious diet will certainly have a positive effect on your body. Including these fruits in your diet plan will no doubt prove beneficial. Additionally, learning about each of their unique benefits can also help you know what each fruit offers as you embark on your journey of eating nutritiously.

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