Strawberries’ Health Benefits And Nutritional Content |

Strawberries’ Health Benefits And Nutritional Content

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Who doesn’t know strawberries are delicious?

They are good fresh, they are good as juice, and in desserts as well as a healthy ingredient in smoothies. But what do you know about the strawberries’ health benefits?

Here is some essential information that will definitely convince you to eat more of the tasty fruit.

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What You May Not Know about Strawberries

Did you know strawberries are made mostly of water? Moreover, they are so low in carbs that they should be in any diet.

Speaking of fats, these are as good as non-existent in strawberries. And, if you’re into counting calories, one cup of fresh fruit has only 50 of those.

The carbs in strawberries are simple sugars, which means they are easy to break down by the body.

Furthermore, their sugar content won’t cause the usual spikes sweets do when you eat them. If you’re a diabetic, eating strawberries won’t be a problem.

All kinds of vitamins and minerals are present in this sweet fruit. Especially vitamin C is aplenty.

Besides this healthy vitamin, you also get plenty of folate, manganese, and potassium. So, eating strawberries is great for your health.

Strawberries’ Health Benefits

Strawberries are incredible when it comes to health benefits.

They are good for your heart since they’re rich in antioxidants. Particularly in regards to increasing good cholesterol levels, they simply work wonders.

People with type II diabetes can benefit greatly from eating strawberries. Their complex composition helps with the slow release of energy generated by carbs.

As a consequence, strawberries are good for diabetics, because they cause no sugar spikes.

Another significant health benefit is cancer prevention.

Studies so far show that regular consumption can reduce the incidence of certain types of cancer.

Furthermore, they may even slow down the formation of new cancer cells.

Bottom Line

Have strawberries as often as you can. They are delicious, and they are packed with health benefits.

Even more, they can protect you against chronic illnesses and heart disease.

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