Pineapples’ Health Benefits And Nutritional Content |

Pineapples’ Health Benefits And Nutritional Content

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Which of pineapples’ health benefits do you need most?

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You will find here a short list of the many advantages of this delicious fruit.

Sweet and tasty, it can be consumed fresh, as juice, and as a smoothie. It all depends on how you like it best.

A Summary of Nutrition Facts

Calorie wise, pineapples are quite generous. But that should not scare you. Although you get 130 calories in one cup, the sweet content is well-balanced by a host of other nutrients. You get a healthy dose of calcium, as well as magnesium.

All these nutrients come packed with benefits. Pineapples are an excellent source of iron, too. About 10% of what’s needed daily as the iron intake is available in one cup of sliced fruit. Furthermore, it is a fantastic source of vitamin C.

Pineapples’ Health Benefits

Get pineapples working for you, by adding them to your smoothies, or serving them fresh. Keep in mind not to add sugar, though. As a sweet fruit, it contains plenty of natural sugar. The way it delivers sugar, though, does not cause spikes in your sugar levels.

Unique nutrients are part of this tasty fruit. One, in particular, called bromelain, helps against inflammation. Athletes often eat this fruit, because it aids in injury repair.

You can efficiently combat cancers like those affecting the prostate and colon. Pineapples are often used in combination with chemotherapy. This way, they suppress the growth of cancerous cells. You can also decrease the risk of coronary heart disease.

A high fiber diet can help with all these ailments. And it serves to know that pineapples are your best allies. This fruit is not only tasty, but it also delivers many health benefits.


Bear in mind a few important facts. Unsweetened pineapple juice and smoothies can work wonders for your health. Plus, this fruit is incredibly tasty, so easy to include in any diet.

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