How To Make Almond Milk Step By Step |

How To Make Almond Milk Step By Step

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Make Your Own Almond Milk With The Help Of This Short Guide

If you want to make almond milk at home, we have a cool, easy recipe right here. There are just 7 steps involved, and you would feel hard-pressed not to try it.

Almond milk is healthy and can help people on a vegan diet get essential nutrients. And by making it yourself, you ensure the quality of the milk and that nothing has been added to it.

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Before we start, bear a small thing in mind. When you make almond milk at home, it won’t last for more than a few days.

So, the first recommendation is that you make only the amount you believe you will drink.

This way, you will avoid waste. Only if there are more members of your family drinking it, consider making larger batches.

Kitchen utensils

First things first, see that you have all the needed tools and equipment. Here is the short list:

  • A bowl for soaking the almonds
  • A strainer
  • A blender
  • A weave/muslin cloth*

* You can also use a coffee filter or linen cloth

The list of ingredients

Next, let’s make sure that you have the ingredients that will be used to make your batch of almond milk.

  • One cup of raw almonds
  • Water
  • Sugar or honey

The step-by-step guide

Step #1: Firstly, put the almonds in a bowl and cover them thoroughly with water. You should have about one inch (2.5 cm) of water above the almonds.

Let them soak for at least two days. During this time, they will absorb some of the water.

Therefore, you will notice how they become plump and squishy.

Step #2: Rinse the soaked almonds with plenty of water. You have to ensure that you get rid of all the soaking water.

The reason? It contains a component that does not allow the nutrients to get absorbed by the body. While at it, get rid of the skins as well as you can.

Step #3: Pour the well-rinsed almonds into the blender. Next, cover them with water.

For the amount indicated, two cups ( 0.5 liter) of water are enough.

Step #4: The almonds have to break down first. That is why you need to pulse at first. You can then use the highest speed on your blender.

After that, blend for a couple of minutes. You will notice a white substance beginning to form.

That is an incipient stage of your almond milk.

Step #5: Use the strainer and the weave/muslin cloth to strain the blended mixture.

Step #6: Squeeze the almond mixture by twisting the cloth. You should get about two cups (0.5 liter) of almond milk from this process.

Step #7: At last, you can add sugar or honey to sweeten its taste.

You can use other ingredients, depending on your preferences. For instance, you can use agave syrup or maple syrup.

So, bear in mind that sweetening the almond milk is optional. If you prefer it as it is, skip the final step.

Enjoy our homemade almond milk!

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