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5 Steps To How To Start Exercising And Becoming Confident About It

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Why you should start exercising regularly

There are many reasons why you should start exercising on a regular basis.

Starting out may seem like a daunting task, but you should not fall prey to doubts and fears when it comes to achieving a healthier, slimmer you.

First things first, weight loss and physical activity go hand in hand. While your body consumes fewer calories – the result of dieting – you need to be able to keep healthy and maintain the weight loss thus achieved.

This happens through exercising, which creates a strong fit body that will not feel weakened, nor will it put back the lost pounds.

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Amazing health benefits are associated with exercising:

  • You rest better when you sleep
  • Your muscles become more toned
  • Your bones are stronger
  • Your mind is sharper
  • Internal organs work better
  • You regulate your blood pressure

In brief, there are so many good things that come with exercising that you cannot replace it with anything.

Doctors agree that if their patients would exercise more, they will have fewer health problems in most cases.

Staying physically fit prevents more complicated diseases that occur later in life, such as diabetes and heart conditions.

Is there a way you can start to exercise without any problems?

Beginners often find it hard to start exercising. But you should keep in mind that even the greatest sports stars had to have started as beginners at one point.

Take after their example, and start exercising today. Below you will find a few ideas that will get you going:

#1 – Get involved in a special event

There is no better motivator than feeling that you are doing something that counts.

For beginners, joining an event, such as a marathon, offers the perfect opportunity for them to start exercising.

You will have to prepare and get in good shape. That in itself will give you a feeling of accomplishment, even if you are not the first to cross the finish line.

#2 – Get out of your comfort zone

Starting to exercise is challenging, and, as any challenge, it makes you get out of your comfort zone.

While feeling comfortable may, well, feel good, it does not mean it is right, too. When you are trying to lose weight, staying in your comfort zone, without doing anything, is the worst that can happen.

Don’t quit, and repeat in your mind that you want to lose weight. Join a sports event, as recommended earlier, and it will be easier for you to get out of your comfort zone.

#3 – Avoid boredom

Exercising can become boring pretty fast if you are following the same routine day after day.

Do not hesitate to shake things up and move them around. No longer you will feel bored, and your body will react accordingly.

New exercises and new challenges help you lose weight and break any plateau you might have hit.

#4 – Stay hydrated

Energizing drinks just give you the idea that you are feeling great. They mainly load you with sugar and other substances whose effects wore down rather fast.

Water is the only liquid you need to provide your body with the much needed hydration. Keep in mind that you need your energy if you are to exercise.

Therefore, have a light meal a couple of hours before your training and drink water in advance. Avoid gulping on large quantities of water when you are already exercising, as this could lead to acid reflux.

#5 – Include resistance training in your workout

Muscles are important for good and consistent weight loss. They also make your body look great. It has been proven time and time again that resistance training can speed up weight loss.

You will become stronger and more flexible, and exercising will seem a breeze. Remember to never overextend and force your muscles and joints. This could easily lead to injuries.

When working out with weights, lift only what you can really manage. If you cannot lift a certain weight more than 8 times, it means it is too much right now.

Build up your strength and move upwards gradually until you can lift heavier weights…

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