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High Intensity Interval Training Explained

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What is  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it is a type of fitness routine used by athletes and regular people who want to stay in shape in order to lose weight and train their muscles.

What happens when you exercise for a long time is that your body gradually becomes used to it. With no challenge left, your body no longer burns extra fat and you do not lose weight. HIIT is a great way to correct that.

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There are two important phases in High Intensity Interval Training.

One is called the recovery phase and during this phase your heart rate is at 40%-50%, which is normal.

The other is the high intensity phase, during which you are forcing your body to challenge itself in order to adjust to the high intensity of the exercise you are performing.

During this phase, your heart rate can reach 80%-85%, which means that you are almost giving it all you got.

Is HIIT a good choice for you?

As with any exercise routine, it is a good idea to ask your doctor first if this type of training is a good fit for you.

Especially if you suffer from a medical condition, such as high blood pressure. It is highly recommended to see what your doctor has to say to you about the level of physical challenge you can undertake.

However, it is good to know that if you enjoy good health in general, HIIT is a great choice. You will be able to enhance your overall fitness levels and you will lose weight in a more efficient manner.

If you need any more reasons to take up HIIT, here are two awesome ones:

  • You will be able to exercise for less time with much better results
  • Studies show that after training in this manner, your body continues to burn calories for more than 30 hours after you are done with your workout

How does HIIT work?

A lot of people around the world are enjoying the great benefits of HIIT.

What happens when you are performing this type of exercises is that your body is challenged to a point that it needs to consume more energy.

Imagine your body acting like an engine where a big explosion takes place, consuming a lot of fuel. For the human body, this fuel is provided by calories and when calories are burned, you are losing weight and burning fat.

The good news is that it can take less than 30 minutes for an entire HIIT workout session.

Secondly, you will feel your entire body, every muscle and every fiber put to the test. Your body will be so engaged in this process that you will experience tremendous results right away.

Is HIIT too tough?

In case you may want to ask around, you will find that many say that HIIT is quite a tough type of exercise.

However, this is the key to the tremendous success ensured by HIIT. Because it poses such a great challenge for your body, it takes it out of its comfort zone and forces it to burn calories and push the muscles to do more.

Here is a good idea about what to do to face this challenge properly.

Enlist one of your friends who also want to lose weight and exercise together. This will work wonders for your motivation and you will find it less stressful to reach your fitness goals.

Important benefits of HIIT

HIIT does great things to your body and you can enjoy perfect health and a glorious body for the rest of your life.

In a nutshell, these are the most important benefits of HIIT:

Benefit #1:

You will burn more calories than with any other type of exercise. Regular exercising helps you burn about 150 calories per hour.

With HIIT, you can burn 15 calories per minute! Just imagine how fast you will be able to reach your weight loss goals.

Benefit #2:

You will gain a healthier heart and healthier lungs. When you practice HIIT, the capacity of your lungs will grow and you will increase your heart rate.

These things are important for an overall healthier you, so you will enjoy better health as a result.

Benefit #3:

This is a highly efficient type of workout. As shown above, it takes far less time to achieve the wanted number of calories burned than with any other type of training. By being so efficient, HIIT makes it easier for you to incorporate it even in a busy schedule.

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