Too Busy For The Gym? 5 Ideas To You Get Moving! |

Too Busy For The Gym? 5 Ideas To You Get Moving!

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Discover Simple Ways Of Getting Fit Without A Gym Membership

Take a look at your day and tells us what you see. If it packs so many things to do that you can’t hit the gym, that’s okay.

We’re here to teach you some clever tricks that’ll help you get moving and burn calories.

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Many people think that only sweating at the gym can help you lose weight. But we beg to differ.

There are so many opportunities to get moving. The trick is to find them. And that is the reason why we’re here.

We want to show you ways of getting your muscles the workout they deserve. We’re not talking about training as an MMA fighter. Actually, we’re talking about things that everybody can do.

Are you ready to learn of some ways to burn calories without going to the gym? We sure are to tell them to you.

Here are some smart ideas to start you get moving. We’re pretty sure that you can come up with more.

Get Moving With These 5 Simple Tips

Tip #1 – Get 10 minutes of exercise daily

Even without going to the gym, you can exercise. You can do it at home, where is comfortable. Plus, nobody’s watching. And you don’t have to worry about not being in shape. The whole point is to get there.

And, for that, you need to pay heed to this advice. Even if you’re busy, find 10 minutes to exercise. But that seems like such a short time! You may exclaim.

It is. That is why you need to organize your time. Choose ten different exercises. Dedicate one minute to each of them. Give it all you got; push yourself a little. This is the right way to make this work.

Results won’t hesitate to appear. Furthermore, you will notice a change in your wellbeing. You will sleep better.

Also, you will feel more energetic. And all of these happen because of just 10 minutes of exercise.

Tip #2 – Use your weekend to go on short journeys

We understand that your schedule can only pack so many things that you don’t have time at all. That’s okay. We have a piece of advice lined up for people like you.

Don’t forget that you have your weekends. If you feel tempted to lazy around, in your pajamas, perish the thought. The weekend is the best moment for a small trip or journey.

Get your hiking shoes, and enlist some friends. A 2-hour walk in nature can burn a boatload of calories. And, even if it is not the type of exercise to perform every day, it will give you energy.

You can make changes. Scheduling weekly trips like this is a beneficial one. Plus, you can use these opportunities to socialize and feel great.

Tip #3 – Commute to work on your bike

Do you have any idea how much time you lose every day stuck in traffic? No matter how long or short, you can use it for some exercise.

The best idea anyone could give you is to cycle to work. Distances are much shorter on a bike than on foot.

At a light pace, you can cover 10 miles in an hour on your bicycle. Plus, during this time, you’ll burn around 650 calories.

Of course, it all depends on how far you live from your work. But, you can cover a 5-mile distance easily like this. And you will get some much-needed exercise.

Tip #4 – Combine driving and walking

We’re aware that not everyone can cycle to work. There can be many factors coming into play to make that difficult.

So, another solution we have is this. Try combining driving and walking. In other words, park your car at some distance from your workplace and walk there.

You are in charge, and you must pick the distance. If you notice that it is too easy, try increasing it. Walk briskly; this is the surest way to burn calories.

Remember always to push yourself. Increase the distance. Or increase the pace. You don’t need a gym to get rid of extra pounds. But you do need a bit of motivation and the right challenge.

Consider this a good fit for what you have in mind.

Tip #5 – Find reasons to walk around the house

Are you watching TV and you’re in the mood for a glass of water? Instead of having a bottle ready at hand, get up each time you’re thirsty. A walk to the kitchen may not seem much, but everything adds up.

Find small house chores that you can perform in short sessions. All these count as physical activity. As long as you move, you’ll be fine.


You don’t need a gym membership to get moving. Rely on the advice offered above.

All the little things will increase the amount you exercise your body. You won’t believe how easy losing weight becomes.

Just remember to apply this advice as often as possible and get moving. And you will be in total control of your body weight.

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