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6 Simple Exercises For A Fat Burning Routine

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Fat is hard to burn. Especially if you want to burn fat only from your belly or your underarm.

Everybody who has ever tried to do so knows it well. But let’s not give up just yet.

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It is important to get into a fat burning routine if you want to achieve your goals.

However, don’t hurry to think that you need a gym membership. Also, you don’t have to undergo some grueling training.

What we suggest is much more straightforward. The six exercises we will present below can turn your weight loss efforts around.

They don’t require the use of specialized equipment. Plus, they don’t need you to be a gym rat. You can perform them all at home.

There is an underrated advantage of exercising at home. How many times have you skipped a day at the gym because you were too tired after work?

At home, you don’t have this excuse ready at hand. You can rest a little, and exercise later.

Also, you don’t have to wait to use your favorite machine. So, all in all, what we want to show you here is a swell deal.

Let’s get to work now with your fat burning routine!

Great Exercises To Include In Your Fat Burning Routine

#1 – Chair dips

It is true that you cannot burn fat selectively. We know it well, and we’re sure that you know it, too. However, there are areas in your body that you need to work, such as your underarms.

Unless you have beautiful muscles growing under the fat tissue, they will never look good.

Dieting is one way of approaching a weight loss plan. But dieting alone has a lot of disadvantages.

You certainly don’t want to grow weak and have flabby underarms. For these, we have the perfect solution: chair dips.

You don’t need to go to the gym for this type of exercises. Use any chair in your home. But make sure that it’s stable and can support your weight.

What do you wait for? You don’t have to worry about flabby underarms once you start doing chair dips.

#2 – Reverse lunges

Bring a little variety in your home based exercise regimen. One solution we propose is to perform some reverse lunges.

These are more challenging than regular lunges. Plus, they make the muscles in your lower body get in shape.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to consider including them in your routine.

What happens when you diet for too long is that you begin losing muscle mass. As a result, your metabolism grows slower.

And, when you have a slow metabolism, you stop losing weight. In a roundabout way, we can say that diets can sabotage weight loss.

Of course, this is true only if you’re not doing any exercises.

That is why reverse lunges are such a fantastic idea. They challenge you a little. Also, they will help you build nice looking muscles.

And, lastly, they do not require gym equipment. What more can you ask for?

#3 – Jump lunges

One reason why people don’t exercise is that they don’t have time. And we know that not everyone is using this as an excuse to slouch.

For people who are too busy for a proper exercise routine, here’s a solution: jump lunges.

These are very effective. They require a lot of strength, and they consume energy. Simply put, they are a type of exercise ideal for busy people.

Whenever you don’t have time, just opt for this type of exercises.

You will help your body burn fat faster. At the same time, you will build muscles. Through your effort, you will be able to lose weight and feel great.

#4 – Bent-over rows

Your biceps need a good workout. You should always focus on including a few strength-training exercises in your routine.

This suggestion is better than most because it exercises your biceps.

For a muscular upper body, bent-over rows should be your weapon of choice. You will be pleased with how your body will look.

Plus, your hard earned muscles will demand more calories, even when resting. So, to burn fat, build the muscles that tap into the fat reserves of your body.

#5 – Mountain climbers

You can perform this exercise anywhere. That is why we include it here. It is also very efficient and a fantastic core training exercise.

Use it to elevate your heart rate and to burn fat in the process.

What you need to know here is that the intensity matters. You can start slow and go from there. You can include one set first, and then more.

No matter what you do, include mountain climbers in your regimen.

#6 – Chest presses

This is another excellent example of an exercise that you can use for fat burning. Your chest, as well as your triceps and biceps,  will benefit from chest presses.

Bear in mind that you will need your dumbbells for this exercise. But, otherwise, you can do it at home without a problem.

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