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6 Ways To Burn More Calories During Workouts

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Try These Tried And Tested Solutions To Lose More Weight

Boosting your metabolism is the key to weight loss success. However, doing so is not exactly easy.

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Dieting is efficient for shedding off extra pounds. But it is not enough.

To avoid the yo-yo effect of a diet, you need to build a healthy, lean body.

That happens only through exercise. No matter how you look at the problem, weight loss cannot occur without one or the other.

So diet and working out should go hand in hand.

The thing with physical exercise is that it takes time. On top of that, you might not always feel in the mood.

So it is a somewhat tricky part of your weight loss plan to achieve.

For this reason, you need to think of ways to make your workouts efficient.

We will show you right away six of them which will burn more calories.

6 Solutions That Will Help You Burn More Calories

Solution #1: Focus, focus, focus

When you exercise, your attention is an essential element. While some people go to the gym to socialize, their results might not be the best.

Besides, that might be the reason why their workouts remain without effect.

Avoid being part of this category of gym goers. While you’re doing reps, stay focused. Remember that your time is limited.

Therefore, use it wisely. This way, you will burn more calories. And your workout will be more effective.

Solution #2: Go for full-body routines

The best way to ensure that your body burns enough calories is to put it to work. By that, we mean all of it.

Or, better said, all of your muscle groups. Some people split their routines into muscle groups and days.

Not everybody can afford such luxuries. The little time you have at your disposal must be maximized. For this, consider full-body routines.

In this fashion, you will manage to work out all your muscles. At the same time, your body will demand calories to sustain the effort.

Such an approach will lead to an increased number of burned calories.

Solution #3: Believe in rest days

Working out every day is not necessarily a good thing. Your body needs time to recuperate. Besides, your muscles won’t have time to repair without rest.

As you exercise, small muscle tearing occurs. That means that healing must take place, too.

This is how you build lean muscle mass. Without rest, your body will become tired. You won’t have to energy or the will to exercise.

So get rest days. Some people do well with one day of rest per week. Others prefer two. Depending on your preferences, choose wisely.

The next day you’ll exercise, you’ll see the results. You will have enough energy to work out. And that is what’s important.

Only this way, you’ll be able to burn calories efficiently.

Solution #4: Pump up the volume

Exercising while listening to upbeat tunes helps greatly. There are several advantages to bear in mind.

One is that you’ll find your rhythm easily while pumping iron to the music. Two is that you’ll be able to focus more.

And three, you won’t get bored. Boredom is a redoubtable enemy. You can stave it off by listening to energetic music.

You won’t even notice the passing of time. Besides, you will work out without counting the minutes.

All in all, music can be your friend while working out.

So don’t hesitate to use an MP3 player or other portable devices. Load it with your favorite music, and get to work.

Solution #5: Avoid bad form

Having the right posture is essential for your workout success. Without striving to achieve it, you will not be able to work out correctly.

Proper form is vital for many reasons.

For instance, it is mandatory so that you avoid injuries. Also, good form promotes good habits. Its absence can cause functionality problems.

Solution #6: Don’t settle for the same old, same old

One reason for which you stop losing weight is the monotony of your workout. The same exercises, over and over again, won’t challenge your muscles.

Besides the boredom you will surely feel, there’s something else.

Give your muscles a new challenge now and then. Don’t follow the same routine every time. Try to mix the cardio exercises.

This way, your workout will remain interesting.


To burn more calories, you need to focus on results. Your workout could suffer improvement. Or you could exercise more.

Using the above advice, you can bring something new to your workouts.

Be it that you try something different, or concentrate more, you will get results. That means that you will burn more calories.

Furthermore, you will become efficient.

You won’t have to exercise for hours to get where you need to be. Yet, you do need to exercise smartly. Other than that, there’s not much to change.

Your muscles will get the workout they deserve. And you will burn an increasing number of calories.

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