How Walking Helps Aid Weight Loss |

How Walking Helps Aid Weight Loss

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Is walking really helping with weight loss?

In the first part of this article series on how walking helps aid weight loss, we focused on the great health advantages provided by walking and other low impact workout routines.

Now we will continue by showing you how walking helps aid weight loss and how it can benefit your weight management.

Improving overall health through walking is possible especially for patients suffering from conditions that prevent them from exercising properly.

Walking is not difficult to do, and it does not generally cause injuries or overexertion.

Here are some great tips and advice on how to make the most of your walks so walking helps aid weight loss for you:

When should you walk?

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A common question is related to the best time for walking. The answer is pretty simple: whenever you feel like it. Some say that it is best to walk outside just after you woke up because you could burn more calories if you take a walk before breakfast time.

Still, waking up early and walking without eating anything can sap your energy reserves. So walking first thing in the morning may not be the best thing to do.

A better approach is to choose your walking time when you do not have other distractions to prevent you from doing it right. A good recommendation is to have a light snack before going outside to walk.

This will ensure enough fuel for your walking session. This way, you will not force your body to become exhausted.

What foods are good to eat before walking?

Light snacks are ideal, as mentioned above. Have a fruit, or a bit of yogurt. These are good nutritious foods that will help you with your energy levels.

In case you suffer from diabetes, it is best to ask your doctor what to do so you do not seriously affect the level of glucose in your blood when exercising.

What happens when you glucose levels dwindle?

We mentioned glucose levels in the above paragraph. They are important for a reason. If they drop suddenly, you can feel dizzy or even become unconscious.

In case you are alone while walking, you may slip and fall, injuring yourself. So this is not something to take lightly.

This, however, does not mean that you should overeat. Actually, eating too much will hurt your efforts to lose weight while walking. Your digestive system will be forced to work harder in order to break down the food.

On the other hand, your leg muscles will demand attention, as you walk. Therefore there will be a conflict over what needs proper nutrients at that moment.

Your digestive system will come second, and therefore your digestion will be difficult. In case you plan to work out, make sure that there is one hour between your meal and your workout session.

A few preparations

What you need most when walking is good comfortable footwear and clothes. You should also warm up a little, by jogging in place, or stretching for a little while.

This will help loosening up the muscles in your legs, and will allow easier blood flow in the area, necessary for the transportation of nutrients and oxygen. This way, you will not feel strained when walking.

Developing a tempo

Walking exercises have their own tempo, and you need to find it. It should sync with your own body, in order to provide all the great benefits mentioned in our first article.

In simple terms, you must achieve a certain speed, so you can draw all the advantages.

Experts recommend going at a rate of 70-105 steps per minute. In case you are already in pretty good shape, a speed of 140 steps per minute is highly recommended.

To give an idea about what this means, this is the equivalent of walking 6 kilometers in one hour.

Other considerations

Walking, when done wrong, can cause back pains. To avoid this, perform this simple exercise: lift the arms over your head and do some stretches.

This will help releasing the tension in the lower part of your back.

While you walk, swing your arms, so that your upper body becomes more flexible. Try to keep your body straight while you walk.

This way, you will achieve the maximum from your walking routine. You may feel a bit challenged at first, but the benefits will be great.

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