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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Free Weights

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Tone Your Muscles And Shape Your Body With Free Weights

Choosing the type of workout to stick with can be a challenging task. What should you do? Should you exercise using a specialized machine? Or should you choose free weights, instead?

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Many people vouch for machines being the real deal. But, just the same, others swear by free weights. Each method of exercising has its benefits. The ultimate goal is to tone your muscles.

And that’s something both do. However, in this article, we will focus on why you should choose free weights. You will see that there are things that exercise machines can’t do.

Sure, they work all the major groups of muscles. But are they able to increase your range of motion? How about working on your balance? These are advantages only free weights present.

Therefore, let’s see why free weights are a better choice than machines. All these reasons might convince you to introduce something new into your routine.

Why is it the Better Choice

Reason #1: You will challenge all your core muscles

When you use a machine, it’s easy to find balance. You rest your back against the machine. That is how these machines work. Then you start exercising, and your muscles get to work. But what about your core muscles?

They are the most important for balance. Without a strong core, your body remains inflexible. Even more, you may find your range of motion to lack. So, here is the first reason why you should switch to free weights.

When you choose free weights, you challenge your core. That’s extremely good. It’s what makes a supple body. Also, you will feel more confident as you sense you’re in charge of your body.

There’s a strong reason why athletes often use free weights. If strength is not your only goal, you should try free weights. Your strong core will be the ultimate reward for your efforts.

Reason #2: You don’t get stuck in a pattern

Exercise machines are a solution for working out. However, they do have some serious issues. One of them is that they get you stuck in a pattern. Your muscles move only in one direction. There is only one angle of movement.

You can’t rely on your muscles to train evenly. That’s one drawback. But there’s another, more severe, one. When you exercise like this, you apply stress to specific areas of your body. Prolonged stress can lead to injury.

Nothing like this happens when you use free weights. You don’t have to stress your muscles. You can use different angles of movement. Plus, you never get stuck in the same pattern. Your muscles will train better and look better.

Reason #3: Free weights are inexpensive

Can you afford an exercise machine for your home? How about the free space you have at your disposal? Free weights will never give you such headaches.

What could be more convenient than a set of weights? You can bring them home, find a corner for them, and pick them up when needed. So, as you can see, there’s no real comparison here.

For home workouts, you need free weights. Plus, you will not have the excuse of not having time to exercise. Only going to and coming back from the gym can mean hours. The same hours you can put into exercising with your free weights at home.

Reason #4: They will not bore you

No matter how efficient exercise machines can be, they have one downside. They can be incredibly dull. Every session, you make the same moves. Even active people might feel down after exercising like this for weeks.

The thing is it’s not about being strong. Boredom can wear down everyone. And now let’s take a look at free weights and what they do.

First of all, you can use them in various ways. Even more, you can create your routines. Plus, you can vary them as you see fit. One day, you choose one routine, and the next day, another.

There’s another benefit to this approach. Your muscles won’t get bored, either. In other words, you’ll be able to challenge them. And that, in turn, will result in supple, nicely shaped muscles.

Reason #5: Exercise variations are possible

How many ways can you use your chest press machine? You may be able to name a few. But they will not be, by far, as many as you can do with free weights. One fantastic thing about them is that they give you freedom.

Do you want to perform some reverse-grip bench press exercises? You can. Are you in the mood for some close-grip bench press repetitions? You already know the answer. As you can see, there is nothing you can’t do with your free weights.

There are many other advantages free weights have over exercise machines. We only named a few here. Feel free to discover more by exercising at home.

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