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5 Advantages Of Free Weights Over Exercise Machines

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Why Free Weights Should Be Your Weapon Of Choice

You want to work out, but going to the gym several times a week is not a solution. Whether you can’t accommodate the time expense, or you feel tired, it can be an obstacle. That doesn’t mean that you should give up on working out.

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You can work out at home! But, you may say, that’s not ideal. That’s where you might be wrong. A lot of people believe that only working at the gym can give you the body you want. But that’s not true.

The exercise machines they have at such gyms offer only some benefits. On the other hand, free weights provide more. But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can see below some of its extraordinary benefits.

Once you start benefiting from exercising like this, you’ll not have to go to the gym. Of course, unless you want to.

5 Advantages Over Exercise Machines

Advantage #1: Exercise machines can’t stabilize you, but free weights can

Here is one big difference between exercise machines and free weights. When you use the latter, your body struggles to remain in position. That will involve muscles that do not directly work with the weights.

As you move your arms around, your core muscles will be hard at work. You will feel a bit of tension in these muscles. This tension is good. It means that you develop your balance.

This is one thing that exercise machines can’t do. Indeed, they will develop your biceps, or triceps, or other groups of muscles. Yet, they cannot work your core. And that’s something that matters when it comes to balance.

If you want to feel empowered, you need strong core muscles. And these strong muscles will offer you balance. Such a significant side effect will make exercising with free weights even more worth it.

Advantage #2: Unlike exercise machines at the gym, there’s no waiting time with free weights

Imagine that you are at the gym. You just finished one set of repetitions. And now, you need to use the next machine. But someone’s already there. As you can see, that’s not a very fortunate scenario? Furthermore, it happens more often than you think.

Your muscles won’t work out during these long waiting times. But, if you switch to free weights, there’s no need for wasted minutes.

They usually come in sets. That means that you can easily switch from one pair to another. Therefore, you will complete your routines within a decent time frame. Only from this, you can save up quite a lot of time.

Advantage #3: Exercise machines don’t have small weight increments, but free weights do

Let’s say that you don’t want to challenge yourself with 5-pound or 10-pound weights. What do you do? Exercise machines don’t work with 2.5-pound weights or less. Therefore, they can’t help you.

And, when exercise machines can’t help you, you can help yourself. How? By getting a set of free weights with all the needed increments.

There are specific routines that do not require a lot of weight from the get-go. That means that you will be better off switching to free weights. This way you can work from a certain level onward.

Again, this serves for combining exercises and varying your routines. A lot of people can’t stand routines too well. The chances are that you might be one of them.

If that’s the case, opt for free weights. The freedom you will enjoy will have a positive impact on your muscles, too. You will notice a change for the better.

Advantage #4: Exercise machines are complicated while free weights are not

Have you ever been to a gym and you stared dumbfounded at some exercise machine? These workout tools work just in a particular manner. But they can be challenging to figure out.

At the other end, you have free weights. These are not difficult at all. You can use them in various ways. Plus, you can lift them and start to exercise. What could be more straightforward than that?

Many people prefer free weights for this reason. Combine this with the freedom they offer, and you’ll get all the exercising equipment you need.

Advantage #5: With free weights, you don’t have to worry about muscular imbalances

There is another strong reason why people feel they do better with free weights. With one weight in each hand, you don’t have to worry about muscular imbalances.

When you use an exercise machine, more often than not, you’ll use both hands to lift weights. That means that your dominant hand might take over more of the task. That’s not good for your muscles, as you can easily imagine.

However, when you use free weights, you won’t have this problem. Therefore, you might be able to garner more benefits in this manner.

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