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3 Weight Loss Secrets That Will Help You Succeed

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Learn about 3 weight loss secrets that will have you shedding the pounds

Weight loss is not something easy; but it is not something extremely difficult either. A lot of people want to lose weight and they feel dejected and depressed when they do not succeed.

Do not throw in the towel just yet. Here are 3 weight loss secrets that can take you a long way. And no, spending money is not one of them.

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Your attitude, for instance, is one of the key factors that you need to take into account. With the right attitude, you can obtain much more from your efforts than otherwise.

As anyone who is trying hard to lose weight, you have probably gone through many different types of advice and recommendations, without any obvious results.

The following 3 weight loss secrets are not rocket science. But there are things that are not that well known by many people who are trying hard to lose weight. Here they are, in a nutshell.

How much time you should spend exercising

You will always find plenty of advice on how much time you need to spend on exercising in order to lose weight.

Some will tell you that you need to exercise for X minutes every day, others will make weekly recommendations, and so on.

Of course, there may be people telling you that you don’t have to exercise for that long, but take such information with a pinch of salt.

The truth is there is a certain time you need to exercise weekly, and that is 150 minutes every week. This is enough to ensure your weight loss efforts will not go down the drain. But there is also something more you need to know.

Your bag of exercise types should be a clever mix. You need to include the following:

  • Cardio (running, walking briskly)
  • Resistance training (weight lifting)
  • Physical activity (sports)

How to break the plateau

One common issue anyone who is struggling to lose weight often discovers is that it is not unusual for them to hit a wall, something called a plateau.

Why does such things happen?

Your body gets used to the level of physical activity you are subjecting it to, so it no longer burns excess calories.

Basically, what it does is that it reaches a balance and it cannot be so easily convinced to move on from there.

Your body adapts. This means that you need to do something so you can “trick” it into shaking things up again. How do you do that? By shaking things up yourself!

Your body is not that different from you, because it is practically you. When you get bored with a certain type of exercising, your body does exactly the same.

In order to keep things fun and not-boring, you can do the following:

  • Vary your exercise types. This will take your muscles by surprise and you will notice an improvement right away.
  • Exercise more frequently. Again, this is something your muscles are not used to, so they will react by needing more fuel and burning more energy. Therefore, you will lose weight.
  • Add something new to your well established routines. Since changing them completely would be unpractical, just by adding new elements you can make things exciting again.
  • Do not forget to take breaks and let your body rest. Your muscles will be thankful for it and they will have time to repair themselves. After that, you will be able to start exercising again, full of energy and good will.

There are certain things to keep in mind when you are exercising.

For instance, take at least one day of rest weekly. Daily, keep your exercise regimen under 2 hours. And do not forget that any medical condition you may suffer from may have a severe impact on your health if you put too much strain on your body.

Stop exercising altogether if you feel nauseated, dizzy or extremely fatigued. These are signals from your body that you are spreading yourself too thin.

See your doctor about any recommendations he or she may have for you so you can establish a proper exercising regimen.

A positive attitude will take you a long way

Motivating yourself to exercise can be done in different ways.

But the most efficient one is by having a positive attitude about what you do. This does not mean that you have to be happy and content with whatever fitness regimen you have to follow.

Actually, things are the other way around. If you experience pleasure and you are satisfied with the results, you will have every reason to follow the same path.

These 3 weight loss secrets are the key to successful weight loss, beyond any other recommendation about how and when to exercise!

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