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10 Amazing Liver Detox Smoothie Ingredients

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Find Out What Liver Detox Smoothie Ingredients Should Be On Your Grocery List

Smoothies can be your liver’s greatest allies. But, you must learn the liver detox smoothie ingredients that make this happen. With their help, your liver will begin a new life.

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So power up your smoothies with these foods. They are good for your health in more ways than one.

Check out these 10 incredible liver detox smoothie ingredients!

#1: Lemons and limes

The primary attribute of these fruits is their high content of vitamin C. This particular vitamin is fantastic. It can turn toxins into water-soluble compounds.

As soon as toxins become like this, they can be flushed out through urine. Typically, your liver will handle the process.

But it never hurts to have a helping hand. That will simply make your liver more efficient at what it does. Furthermore, it will suffer less strain. And that’s the recipe for a happy, healthy life.

#2: Beets (Beetroot)

That’s an ingredient you should have in your kitchen all the time. You can make plenty of different recipes with it.

You may use it in soups and stews. Its antioxidant properties are amazing. And the great news is that you can use it for smoothies, too!

Betalains are active compounds in beetroot that work wonders for your liver. They are anti-inflammatory. Plus, they help your liver regenerate lost cells.

#3: Avocado

The exotic fruit is rich in fatty acids. And, while it may sound counter-productive to ingest more fats, avocado is a good choice. Why?

Because its fatty acids are healthy, unlike those from animal fat. The fats in avocado are monounsaturated.

Their role is to release bile, that substance in your gallbladder used to dissolve fats. So, with the help of the healthy fats in avocado, you flush out toxins.

Any aid matters. And that is why you’ll often find avocado in liver detox smoothie recipes.

#4: Ginger

Your digestion can benefit significantly from having ginger in your diet. When you eat ginger, foods will move through the digestive tract faster.

What does this mean for your liver? It will simply have to work less.

You might have heard of ginger as a traditional remedy. Traditionally, people use it to calm an upset stomach.

Also, ginger abounds in anti-inflammatory compounds. Therefore, adding a bit of ginger to your smoothies increase the benefits.

#5: Cilantro (Coriander)

Italians love cilantro (coriander) and have good reasons to do so. While some people might need time to get used to the flavor, the benefits are amazing.

This little plant can do something not many ingredients can. Heavy metals like mercury and lead can be flushed out. How?

The active compounds in cilantro bind them. Just like the buffer molecules used by the liver to flush out toxins.

So a cleansed liver happens when you use cilantro in your smoothies.

#6: Apples

One thing people might have against smoothies is the taste. But you can improve that with a few slices of apple.

Sugar is a no-no for healthy smoothies. Yet, that doesn’t mean that you should just endure a taste you don’t like.

Apples are good in multiple ways. Their sweet taste is one. But the real benefit is their content of pectin.

This particular compound is good at binding toxins. Also, it helps the body move them along the digestive tract.

Another compound that binds heavy metals is glucaric acid. Apples are rich in it, as well.

#7: Spirulina

You might have heard of spirulina as a superfood. Its amazing properties have impressed many so far. Like apples, this ingredient can bind heavy metals and remove them.

Chelation is the name of the process that takes place when spirulina gets in contact with such chemicals.

Another benefit is its great taste. If you want a healthy smoothie that tastes good, try adding a bit of spirulina.

#8: Kale

The powerful antioxidants and fiber in kale give your liver detox a great ally.

To cleanse the body, you need to flush out toxins. But that cannot just happen. You need to provide your liver with some help.

And getting kale in your smoothies is the way to do it. The toxins in your body must be removed.

Therefore, you need your digestion to work well. With the fiber in kale, that’s precisely what happens.

#9: Cranberries

Another excellent ingredient for removing waste, cranberries give a great taste to your smoothies.

Rich in vitamin C, they work toward cleansing your liver. Plus, they have a positive impact on the lymphatic system.

#10: Arugula

Rich in compounds that promote the detox process, arugula makes it to our list. You don’t have to worry about its taste.

While it is a bit spicy, it can be almost unnoticeable if combined with other flavors.

In Brief

While we decided on ten liver detox smoothie ingredients, there are others that can help.

For instance, leafy greens, cruciferous plants, and even seasonings can enrich your liver detox smoothies.